Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Everyone has a past, a present and a future. And this is mine.

I have wanted for a while to make a Blogspot, and seeing as I had a few spare hours I thought hey, why not start now? Oh how wrong I was. I have now discovered now much I hate HTML and how however I want this to look it will never turn out that way. Google became my best friend during this process But that is what learning is all about - compromise, trial and error.

So in case you were wondered, I am Amelia, more commonly known to my friends as Mealz or Mia. I am currently studying the IB (International Baccalaureate and don't get me started on it!) at Sixth Form. I spend pretty much every day in school, and on weekends I will most likely be found asleep, at work or partying. I do enjoy a good party meself! I work at Clinton Cards and thanks to the Olympics I am putting my multilingual-ness to the test! Seeing as it has been a year since I studied French and 3 since I studied German I seem to be doing okay! Or, at least, people can understand me in some form. I have a very expensive lifestyle which my pay check never covers, but that is usually the way with us women.

This blog will pretty much be an insight into my every day life (or possibly not every day, the IB is a verrryyyyyy time consuming thing) and will involve pictures of things I've bought or 'want' posts, which will probably happen more than the bought ones.

But indeed, this is my blogspot, nearly 4 hours later and it is done...ish.

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