Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Hello from the merry land of Lincoln and a very very comfy king size bed!

It was a tiring and very long journey up here, but I have survived and have just had some dinner and am now settling down for the night as I can barely keep my eyes open! It wasn't too bad, it was comfy on the coach and there was a plug so I could charge the necessary items, i.e. my phone and my iPod!

So tomorrow is an earlyish start, as Grandad has physio at the hospital at 11 so we have to be up for 9, but at least up here there is no 5 year old running up and down the corridor or builders outside so it should be lovely and peaceful...I hope! And Grandad will be in there for an hour or so, so I shall hopefully get a bit of shopping done, and see if I can find something small for Rob as present #2!

So I shall blog tomorrow, with day number one up north, and I shall try and do a OOTD for whilst I'm up here cause they are fun!

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