Monday, 27 August 2012

nearly the last day away!


Today is...Monday, I think... I have lost track of the days, I am so confused, but yes, I have just checked and it is Monday which means it is nearly my last day up here in Lincoln! I have been having such a lovely time, I have got some good shopping done and I have drunk a bit too much wine! But there we go, I am 17, I should be preparing my liver for university and freshers!

I do love spending time with these relatives, and it isn't often we see them. Before last year when Kitty and I came up for the first time on our own, we saw them twice a year. And it wasn't enough. You need your grandads in your life. But since then it has been a few more times a year we see them and it is lovely to be able to see them and not have to worry about Toby or Mum and Dad, which makes a change!

But yes, it will be sad when we leave, but there is a hint of sadness this year, as it may be my last. Because next year I will be spending my summer sorting out uni things and I may not have time to come up and spend time with them. And that upsets me, but makes me want to spend the most of my time now.

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