Thursday, 23 August 2012

shopping day #1

So I did a wee bit of shopping today, and I am happy with what I got. Tomorrow is the big shopping day so I am looking forward to that!

So Barry M have a deal on at the moment, where nail varnish is £2.99 and if you buy 2 you get £1 off, so I bought the three colours that jumped out at me. I have needed a gold glitter for a while, as I have been using loose glitter and it is a nightmare! And this one had a lot of sparkle in it (no pun intended) so I thought I should get that one. I had seen the Peach Melba on someone else, in fact a few people, on instagram and tumblr and so got that, not to follow everyone else but because it is a lush colour, like I have 3 coats on at the moment and it is a cross between a peach and a baby pink, it's lovely! The last one is shocking pink...and as I am sure people are aware from my wish list I am a huge fan of the pink! I have some darkish pinks and baby pinks but none that are this neon, so I got that too! There is a story that comes with these too! Basically, I have been following what day it is by where I am working, whether it is the library or Clintons, so the past few days have been confusing for me. So I thought it was Saturday, and when I went in I said to the lady at the checkout "gosh, it is quiet up here for a Saturday!" She looked at me like I should be in a crack house, I felt so silly when she told me that it was in fact Thursday!

The two phone cases I actually bought from Tesco believe it or not! I saw a similar cassette one online on Amazon and was going to buy it, but then I saw it in Tesco and thought...well...saves postage charges! And the Superman one was just a little bit of fun but I have it on my phone at the moment and it is actually alright. I am not a huge fan of silicone cases, but these two aren't as bad as I thought.

Now I had heard good things about Face: UK even though they are not that well known a brand. However, I saw it and took the opportunity to get it. They had a facial scrub and a facial wash, and I went for the wash as I have really bad pores sometimes so I thought this one would be more beneficial to me.

Kick-Ass. Does this need explaining? It was on offer in Lidl for £2.99 and I said to myself "who am I to pass up the chance to stare at Aaron Johnsons face for £2.99!" So I bought it. That is mine. Forever.

And lastly the i love...vanilla and ice cream body butter. Now I am personally a huge huge fan of the i love... range, I just think they are brilliant, and they all smell so lovely and I haven't had this one before (plus I forgot to bring my moisturiser up north with me so I got this!) It is amazing and makes my legs and arms feel amazing and I cannot wait till I can get another one!

So tomorrow there will probably be a larger post, I don't know, I might just put them all on tumblr, then make a picture to put on here and leave it at that, cause with the amount I am planning on buying I don't think I will have enough time to explain everything haha, and I probably won't have a reason to get everything, just because I like it. But yes, that was todays haul! I might do a video tomorrow about what I got, see how I feel!


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