Tuesday, 21 August 2012

So tomorrow I wave goodbye to Dorchester, Dorset and my lovely boyfriend for a week. It will be strange, as I won't be working and I won't be half an hour away from Rob, but it will be a nice 'getaway' as such from all the stress and things that are down here.

I have 2 suitcases, a large holdall, my laptop bag, £70 to my name, and iPod and my iPhone to last me 6 and a half hours on a coach, but at least I'll have Kitty for some company. I cannot wait to go though, as I will have my first proper lie in this holiday and by jeebus is it needed! Keep falling asleep, as Rob well knows when I fell asleep on him in the car today!

But yes, I will blogging a lot I should hope, and I will be switching around my blog and making a few videos which I hope to get edited properly with a proper editing suite and such! So I shall see you tomorrow evening when I will be in a King size bed, with a gazillion pillows, no internet 'turn off' and a very tired face!

Ta rah!

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