Thursday, 9 August 2012

the guys, the girls and the bruises to match.

Parties are one of my favourite things about the fact apart from the friends I have made it is the ONLY good thing about the IB. Although last night started off dull, as the host had invited some friends we had no clue who they were, once I had gone to see Annabel and pick up our other friend all was alright. We arrived, had some banter, a few fags...same ol' same ol'.

I don't wanna brag and I don't wanna make these posts all about me me me, even though this is my blog, but I had a good time and good day today, and I am glad it didn't get cancelled and that I got to spend time with my friends and see them.

So I am covered in bruises and scrapes, God only knows where from, and I have a guys jumper because everything I had was too revealing and I was cols (long story short had an argument with the rents as I was packing in 5 minutes so I just grabbed the first things I found and it happened to be a bralet, bandaeu, leggings with holes everywhere and a black skirt with shorts and giant slits up the front. So yeah, I was chilly!

Regardless, I had a good time, and I cannot wait for the next one, it should be a good'en as this one was...eventually! (well, you could call it a party if you call playing Just Dance with one controller and drinking peach Schnapps and energy drink from a cocktail glass at 2 in the morning a party!)


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