Wednesday, 15 August 2012

there's good hair, there is bad hair and then there is mine.

This is the most recent picture of my hair, and for those people who follow my instagram or tumblr will probably get a daily pictures of my hair because I am really 'proud' of it. Sure, I will still look at other peoples hair and think "god that is lush!" but after spending years and years of having short hair and having it weird very dark blonde colours, I don't care that I have a minimum or 2 inch of dark roots or that when it is bad it can take me up to an hour to brush through the knots in my hair.  But I just don't care. I am proud of my hair, and for some people this may seem like a meaningless and stupid blogspot post but for me it isn't because I have killed my hair to the point where I was sat in a hairdressers chair about to have it all off. But I stopped her and said I could change it and thus started my hair epiphany.

4 years ago I had a bob. And a bad one. And then I permed it. Fatal. Mistake. Worst. Decision. My family nicknamed me 'Poodle' and unfortunately for me that stuck at school. Yes, that is me on the left. That was also at my heaviest, of 14st, I had pencil thin eyebrows because I used to have too much fun with the tweezers and I had my poodle hair. That was not a good hair time. It was a bad time in my life, I wore little makeup and what I did wear was applied badly (I don't want to be harsh to my mother but she never taught me anything. She never taught me about makeup or shaving your legs or other bodily parts or about sex or drinking or anything, everything I have learnt from my own mistakes and my friends.) Obviously things are better now in terms of my hair, but that was possibly the worst hair situation I was in.

And then September 2010 I went radical and changed my hair colour. Now from blonde to brunette may not seem like a big deal to some people, but my family is a highly conservative one and so it took a lot of persuading and 2 boxes of Schwartzopf XXL. Since that September, I have been chopping and changing between blonde and brunette every 3-4 months, until recently. I was never happy with whatever colour my hair was, when it was blonde I wanted it brunette and when it was brunette I wanted it blonde. In hindsight, this and the straightening is what led me to that hairdressers chair. But I am glad I changed my ways. It has been...nearly 6 months since I last dyed my hair properly (I did a few root touches up closer to Feb but not since then cause I am just not bothered!)

And now I am blonde, and so I intend to stay so. Rob loves me regardless, but I think he has a secret love for blondes, so I shall stay so. I know I have roots, but it doesn't bother me. As my friends pointed out to me not 5 hours ago it suits me because my hair isn't platinum so it isn't that bad. I like the colour my hair is now, and it has taken me a long long time to get to this stage. This blogspot doesn't even cover HALF of the hair-raising disasters I have had (see what I did there?! No? Okay.)

I like my hair. Finally. And for all those wondering when I talk about my roots being dark, yes, I was born bright 'sunshine blonde' as my mum used to call it, but during year 10 when I discovered hair straighteners and that bobs weren't as cool as I thought, I started to bleach it and my roots came out very dark in comparison, so people naturally assumed I was brunette, but it is simply where I dye them. Everyone who dyes their hair blonde has this issue, and if you look up close at mine in person you will see that at the very root next to my scalp it is not brunette but a very dark honey blonde. So yeah.

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