Friday, 31 August 2012

wishlist #2 - the school files.

I decided to call this wish list 'the school files' as these would be the sorts of things I would use/wear/have for school, and will hopefully get soon when I have saved up a bit of pay.

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1- Michael Kors Purse in Luggage - I have seen a few people with this purse and I just think it is classy and how plain it is just makes it so wonderful. The inside is amazing too, as even with coins and change it you can still shut it I am a fan of purses this size as I find it easier to hold when I just have my purse and phone, which just makes me love this more!
2- Lavish Alice Soft Grey Studded Jumper - I have never had enough money to invest in something from Lavish Alice but if I did, much as I would with Topshop, I would buy the place out. I love everything they do, and as my style is changing I am wearing more blouses with Peter Pan colours and some of theirs are just to die for! This is a lovely studded jumper than I would happily wear all the time, and would probably team with black jeans or bright coloured jeans, as I think with grey you can wear anything with it! Maybe my finger might slip on the buy button...
3- Khaki Long Sleeved Off Cut Shoulder T Shirt - like last wish list was about the pinks, this one is about the neutrals and this has been a fan of mine. I like the idea of not having the shoulders, as it is a plain coloured tshirt and would be worn with black skinnies, but the off cut shoulders make it more interesting.
4- Pink Gold Collar Tipped Blouse with Cut Out Back - this is the one I tried on when I was up in Lincoln. Enough said. It is wonderful, and is very Hannah from PLL!
5- elf Flawless Finish Foundation - I have heard very mixed reviews on this, but from what I can gather it is good as long as you do not use the elf primer and you use a loose powder with it. It would be nice to see what this one is like compared to the liquid one I have now, which I have religiously stuck to for a long time now.
6- elf Blushing, Bronzing and Blending Brush - I have been using kabuki brushes for a while now when it comes to applying powder, and a few Rimmel angled blusher brushes, but like before I have heard good things about this brush, and how it has even coverage. So I might slip on the buy button again.
7- Red Studded Ballet Pumps - these pumps are wonderful, and come in 4 colours - black, deep red, purple and grey. I just want them all! They would go with any outfit, and look comfy!
8- Pink Three Compartment Lock Bag - I have a compulsive disorder to buy bags. And this is just lovely. I know I keep saying that. but when it comes to bags Next has never disappointed me! The bags are sturdy, last long and go with almost every outfit I throw at them.

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