Tuesday, 11 September 2012

how to wear...the denim shirt.

Top - Republic
Leggings - New Look
Boots - New Look
Necklace - Matalan
Bag - ASOS

So I posed the question on tumblr about what 'how to wear' I should do today, and the lovely Hannah (aka r-oseprinted) wondered how to wear the denim/jean shirt. So I made this one, as although denim will  most likely be on the way out with winter on its way, the military style outfit is still very in. I combined the two, and produced this which, I personally, would wear.

It is a mix between rocker and military and I do like to keep things 'simplistic' when it comes to outfits. However, I wanted to team these two together as I think in some situations they work well. So I like matching my nails to my outfit, and I think having the plain denim top and then the bold, statement trousers with the matching nails makes the outfit work well. Having military boots adds a 'rough' edge to it.

If you wanted to 'tone it down' change the boots for flat pumps, either plain or studded, and for a night out change them for plain black heels or zipped ankle boots with a wedge instead of a heel (these are very in at the moment and so will make the outfit more 'wearable'!)

Obviously I have chosen a cropped shirt here, but change it for a long one with rolled up sleeves for a warmer outfit!

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  1. i really love that bag*_*



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