Sunday, 30 September 2012

my week in outfits

Outfits can be anything you want to make them - they can be subtle, outlandish, brightly coloured, plain, comfy, smart, casual, jeans and a shirt...anything. I see my wardrobe as a part of me, the part that I do not necessarily show in person. When I am feeling low or tired, I will usually dress in comfy clothes. If I am feeling average then I will wear smart casual with a few accessories. If I am feeling in a 'screw the world I am fabulous' mood then I will go all out to make sure I am noticed in a crowd. That is how I work. I am not a force to be reckoned with when it comes to my wardrobe. Of course, like all girls my age, I look at everyone else as competition and I take ideas from them and make them my own. I love fashion magazines and to an extent I follow them with the rise and fall of certain fashions, but I do not stick to them solidly. I work well with what I have, and I love to get new things (when I have the money!) As long as I have a few statement pieces which can go with anything then I am happy to play the rest up.

So that was last week in outfits. What will next week be?


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