Sunday, 23 September 2012

Panto - take two.

So due to the script being 'unfunny' (although in my personal opinion the Wild West accents we were all attempting were funny enough!) they have changed the Panto from Snow White to Arabian Nights!

I play Richard Lionheart, disguised for the majority of the time as Hasan the Bandit! I am really looking forward to this one more than the other as I am on stage more for this, I get costume changes (which I haven't had the pleasure of having before) and potentially get a solo, which, being my last panto would be nice! I've been through enough of these, it's my time to shine!

Yes I resent the person who had the lead female because this is the second time she has stolen it from me, but I know that I got an A* in Drama for a reason and that I will be better than her!

Bring on February, bring on show time!

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