Monday, 3 September 2012

the tattoos.

So I decided that for my post today I would do one about tattoos, as it is a well known fact to the people who follow me on tumblr or twitter that I would like quite a few. So I asked the people of tumblr to ask me questions and these are some of the ones I got.

1- How old do you want to be when you get your first one?
As soon after 18 as I can. The first one I want will be simply and not extravagant and the place I will go never seems that busy when I go in with friends, so hopefully my birthday or the day after, I am not sure. But as soon as!

2- What is the biggest tattoo you want to get?
My thigh piece/s. I want several, or I have several ideas, but obviously only 2 thighs so it is going to take some narrowing down, but yeah, the biggest one will be my thighs.

3- How many do you want in total? And what are they?
It is hard to say really, I know I want a few and I know roughly where each of them will go, and what the story behind each one is. I want to have each tattoo meaning something to me, because I think that way it is more personal. The problem I have is that for each part of the body that I want a tattoo, I have several ideas.
  • ALONG THE ARM - 'to live would be an awfully big adventure', 'what a wonderful world' or 'don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened'
  • LEFT WRIST - the outline of a wish bone, the outline of an elephant or 'never forget'
  • THIGHS (this could be an interesting one) - an oval antique looking frame with a tall ship in around stormy seas, with two banners one saying 'no matter how rough the seas' and the one of the bottom saying 'never refuse to sink', a tattoo which my friend has partially designed of an owl carrying a pocket watch in its claws with 4:29 on as that is the time I was born, a silhouette of Peter Pan, Wendy, John and Michael flying with 'second star to the right', a black and white dreamcatcher or 'i am not afraid' in calligraphy
  • FINGER - the plain outline of a heart on my left ring finger.
  • NECK - 'niente accade per caso' which is 'nothing happens by chance' in Italian
4- Do you know how much work is involved in looking after tattoos?
Yes I am well aware, I have several friends with tattoos and I have family members with them, so yes I am aware and I am prepared for that. In a way, I want them so I have something to look after, which seems a weird concept but that's the way I want it.

5- Do you think having tattoos will affect job prospects?
No I don't, because the ones I want are hidden or can be hidden easily.

6- If there was one you wanted that you haven't thought of now, would you get it?
It depends what it is. Obviously I know I have these for life, and I would never get them laser removed, but if the one I thought of was reasonable and meant something then yes I would definitely think of it.

7- What is Rob's opinion?
Well as I want to be with him for my whole life he is getting used to the whole idea of me wanting them. He is adjusting slowly to my ear stretching, and I am sure once he realises that I won't let anything stop me getting tattoos that we will come around. He just needs to know how much each one means to me.

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