Saturday, 13 October 2012

another life change, another hair colour.

It seems like whenever something significant or life changing happens to me I change my hair. For a long time it was changing between brunette and blonde, alternating between shades and styles etc. This time I decided to be a little different. 

I didn't want to change the colour of my hair completely because I really like it the blonde that it is now, and I do not mind my roots, to me it just shows that my hair is starting to get healthy again and that it is growing. I needed a hair change drastically, and I pretty much liked everything about my hair so I thought well what can I do? Dip dye was my solution. I wanted something that was 'me' so I didn't do blue or anything like that, and I didn't ombre because that would mean dying all of my hair. So I thought why not pink?! It is my favourite colour, it is very me and why the hell not!

So I did! I took my first trip into town (still supervised but this was the first time I had been in town in about 2 weeks so it was strange!) I bought the hair dye, came home, and was like ah, haven't told mother...could be interesting. Having dinner I was sat with a towel on my head and mum said "so are you going to do a big reveal?" I said of course, ran upstairs, hair dried and styled it, came down and she said "I actually quite like it" which for me means a lot. My parents are the sort of people who like extravagent things, like they don't like the idea of me stretching my ear and they hate tattoos so life with them is always interesting, so for her to say she likes I thought finally I have done something right! Haha.

Another life change, another hair colour. 


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