Friday, 12 October 2012

the Queen and I.

This picture is old, possibly 4/5 months old, but the people in it although have changed individually, they have not changed as a pair. When I met Annabel nearly a year ago I did not find a friend, I found a sister. I found someone I could trust with anything I said. I found someone I knew wouldn't judge me for what I wore or what I said or did or who I was with. She has been my rock for so long, and until now I didn't realise how much she meant to me.

When Annabel came over this afternoon it was like nothing had changed. She called me posh, and compared to some of the people I know I suppose I am, we drank coffee (mine being my first cup in over a week because I haven't been able to handle it), I even had a drag of her fag (it was beautiful, God I have missed smoking!) but most of all it was the company that hadn't changed. We still laughed and joked about the things we have always laughed and joked about, we talked about getting our tattoos done together when we both have the money and when we are legal and how school was strangely quiet without me there. I missed seeing her and just breathing, knowing that I had someone who knew me and could relate to me in almost every way.

And that is why she is my sister and possibly one of the greatest people I have met since joining sixth form. She is my sister because of the bond we have, but she is my best friend because of how much we can relate to each other and how we will not judge each other on anything.

Well, maybe fashion, but please...we are the girls who crave our Vogue and Bazaar fixes. We are gunna judge on fashion.

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