Thursday, 11 October 2012

the road to recovery never did run smooth.

Hello my lovelies. It has been a while since I have posted, and I am sorry for that, I will try and make it up to you when I can. However that won't be today as I am super tired and just wanted to apologise and post a wee bit.

So I am still recovering from my tonsillectomy last Wednesday and I feel a lot better than I did a week ago. I am stronger drugs and have been advised to take them in a different 'regime' which has really really helped me get better. I am starting to be able to talk more and sound more like myself, I am starting go outside having been house bound for all this time, but Mum and Dad still come with me because my breathing is still a bit erratic. What I mean by that is where the scar tissue formed across where the tonsils were it almost completely blocked my throat, which is why I had such trouble swallowing, talking, breathing etc. Since then, the scar tissue has radically decreased but I am still breathing slightly funny, but the GP said that that will stop once I am back into a normal routine, which I can understand. I was planned to go back to school today, but obviously I didn't due to still recovering, but all going well I will be back on Monday and I am quite excited! To be honest, I don't blame myself, I went from having five lessons 5 days a week to doing absolutely nothing. 

Only problem I have is school work, so this weekend could be fun! I have started wearing makeup and wearing people clothes and generally not looking like a homeless person for the past few days and it really does help psychologically. 

But yes, the road to recovery never did run smooth and I have had my downs and ups, but I am definitely on the up and I will blogging more I promise.

Stay lovely!

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