Tuesday, 6 November 2012

a few winter essentials #1

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  1. Stone Ribbed Knitted Snood
  2. Lambs Fisherman Jumper by Boutique
  3. Pieces Ardel Mittens
  4. Nivea Soft Moisturizer
  5. Inspire Black Crepe Blazer
  6. Tan Shearling Cuff Double Buckle Ankle Boots
It's the most wonderful time of the year! Gosh, Christmas has come around fast this year, but boy is it going to be a good one! So many great fashions are coming back in, like the pixie boot and the fur, and it is going to be great to start going out and shopping for Christmas presents! But I thought, seeings as this year we seemed to have skipped autumn and gone straight to winter, I would do a quick post (which I will probably develop at a later stage) about a few winter essentials that will keep you warm and will look great this season!

Scarf, snood, pashmina..what to choose?! Personally, I am not a fan of the scarf, and when it comes to winter I will get out my big wooly snood and wear it with pride! The snood is great because it has all the great qualities that a scarf has, but you don't have any tassles to contend with, and it is snug around your chin!

I love me some big jumpers, they are great and so warm and I can't stop buying them! This one is a simple ribbed one and I think with black skinnies and boots it would be a great, minimalistic winter look! I cannot wait to be able to get more when my pay comes through next month!

Mittens are a must for us gadget people! I love classic gloves, and especially with the leathers coming back in there are plenty around, but I will always be a mitten person as I think they are cute and great for any occassion, and getting a simple colour like these ones you can wear them with anything.

If I were to give you one piece of advice, it would be to get this for winter! It is possibly the best beauty product I have ever bought and I love it to pieces! It is great for helping with the bags under your eyes, and having a small tub or tube in your bag is a great way to rejuvinate dry skin. I would honestyly reccomend this product to anyone and it is so kind to the skin!

Although the blazers are more of a later summer/autumn thing, I personally think they never go out of fashion. Having a few myself I always manage to find an ocassion to wear one, whether it is a light beige for summer or a black one like this for winter. OBVIOUSLY I do not reccommend going outside in these cold conditions with just a blazer on, but if you are going out then consider wearing it underneath a coat so you can have that extra layer and when you take the coat off you have it there!

My next month pay check will probably be spent mostly on boots, and the first pair I would like to get are these. Tan is a very good colour for winter, as although black is coming back in for the season as it often does, tan will go with anything and it is a 'sensible' and warm colour. The fur lining makes them extra snug and warm and the buckles add a little something extra to them to make them interesting. Pixie boots are coming back into season and although they can be worn all year round, the fur ones are going to be brilliant this year, with so many colours and varieties, from chelseas to pixies to bikers to, well, anything!

Winter is my favourite season, because although it is FREEZING outside most days, it has Christmas and it has some great and very simple fashions which can be played up with accessories. This season proves to be a great one, and I look forward to going shopping next month and investing in a few things ready for when the weeks get colder and the nights get longer!

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