Monday, 12 November 2012

the link between art and Anastasia.

Next year is a big year for me. Not only do I have all of my exams in the space of two weeks, which for an IB student is a LOT of exams, but I am also going on a school trip to Russia in the February!

I am so super excited because not only am I going to somewhere completely new and possibly the furthest I have ever and will ever go from home, but I am going with a very good friend of mine and one of her good friends who I am quickly becoming friends with and we are going to Moscow, where the Kremlin is, and St Petersburg where Anastasia is based and we are also going on a sleeper train which me and my friend and her friend are DETERMINED will be like the Hogwarts Express.

So obviously with the giant pile of work that seems to always be getting bigger and never smaller I decided to entertain myself and watch some films to keep my mind slightly at ease whilst I stress myself out doing work. It actually seems to be working (although I am not giving this as advice as I know this doesn't work for everyone!) Purely based on the fact I felt like watching it, I decided last night to watch Anastasia and then remembered it was based in the city I will be visiting and so I watched it twice!

I am very excited to go to Russia, I think it will be a great oppurtunity to learn a very rich and diverse culture to my own, and I think it will definitely be an experience of a life time! Of course, the small chance that we will be seeing a Bolshoi ballet isn't helping in calming me down, I mean come on! The Bolshoi! That alone would be worth travelling all that way for, but mixed in with everything else...I am buzzing!

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