Wednesday, 21 November 2012

the missguided shoe diaries.

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ANYONE who knows me knows I love my shoes. For me, what I wear on my feet and what I wear as accessories complete an outfit. They just add that little bit extra. You can honestly tell a lot about a person by the shoes they wear, even though I am not a judgmental person I know this for a fact.

missguided...what can I say about them? Well, everything. They are perfect. For what they do and the quality of their lines they are, for me, the price of New Look with the Topshop quality of line. I love everything about and so I decided to combine the two loves of mine when it comes to fashion.

These are my shoe diaries. This is possibly the first installment in a few I will do with different stores, but this first one is for missguided. I decided to choose the three colours because a) they are my favourite colours and always will be and because b) black and red will always go with anything, and with Christmas coming up red will be coming back in, and because pink is perfect for a night out! I chose to do heeled boot, heels and wedge boots, with the exception of the black ones because I am dying to get my hands on a pair of curved wedge heels! I love shoes I love shoes I love shoes, sorry got distracted by the prettiness.

I am 5'11, possibly 6' but I don't want to EVER admit it if I am. I don't get to wear heels a lot, but when I do I enjoy it more than A-N-Y-T-H-I-N-G. I have the balance and poise and legs etc from ballet, and if I can walk on my toes in pointe shoes then heels are a piece of cake! When it comes to the heels I already own, I love my babies. But if I could own all of those 9 heels...I would be very very happy. I love missguided's range of shoes, especially the Manuella Knee High Boots, I need a pair of knee highs for winter! These are only 9 of the pairs of shoes I want to invest in from missguided.

I honestly don't know what the point of these posts will be, I think they will just serve me badly and make me feel bad that I don't have the money to afford all the pretty things. Hmmm...maybe I shouldn't make more of these...maybe I will do a bag diaries and a mascara diaries and things like that...and try not to cry at the pretty things.

But anyway. I like shoes, I like missguided.

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