Thursday, 29 November 2012

the more the merrier!

I seem to have a love for doing photo shoots with friends, it is not that I am confident in the way I look but I am always interested in getting inside their head and working out what they are doing for it and what their message is and I am always ready to help a friend out! The first images are from a small shoot that my friend Ruby did that I participated in (a small scale one for me, a large one for everyone else, ie, she had a lot of people involved and took 4/5 photos of each) and the one of the three people, myself, Chloe and Mac, are some of the tester shots that she did to make sure the flash was working and the set up was good. The bottom is part of my best friend Annabel's mental illness shoots. She had me essentially recreate 'The Scream' by Edvard Munch. I had to stand in a field and scream everything that is wrong with my life, basically trying to get the raw emotion out of me. It was fun, and yes emotional, but also very windy and cold and it was worth getting the mud on my new shoes for!

I think overall I have too much fun doing photoshoots.


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