Saturday, 10 November 2012


I don't want to make this blog a moany blog about my life, but having got home from my fourth and final university open day (literally, walked in the door 45 minutes ago, 2 hours before our ETA) I just wanted to make a post about my experiences and where I want to go from here, as a lot of people my age will be in the same situation as I am.

So I wish to study English with Creative Writing as a JH at university and then do a PGCE, hopefully specialising in upper school education, to become an English teacher. I have been playing around with the idea of doing an MA after my BA, but we shall see what happens! I have always wanted to do English at university so for myself it was just a case of finding a university I liked and that had a course I would enjoy and inevitably grow from. 

I chose as my final 5 Bournemouth, Southampton, Bath Spa, Worcester and Lincoln and upon much thought decided to take Bournemouth out. Southampton has the highest entry requirements with 34 points, 17 in your higher subjects with a 6 at HL English, and Bath Spa has the lowest with 24. I have loved all of the unis for different reasons and now that I have been to my final open day it is time to start deciding and finally get my UCAS application sent off. 

For anyone who is in the same boat as me, yes, it is scary, I know it is. The longest I have been away from home for is 2 weeks, the prospect of living away for potentially a maximum of 10 years if I continue to do an MA and then a Drs and then my PGCE, is a very scary and daunting thought no matter how ready I am to start a fresh life for myself. And yeah, all the paper work and expenses and money issues and work and blah blah is gunna be hard and tough. But to be honest, I am ready. I have spent the last 2 years doing 6 A Level standard subjects plus 150 voluntary hours, plus Theory Of Knowledge, plus a 4,000 word extended essay so I know how tough work and timing can get! But I am so ready to go to university and the thought is exciting!

Yes I am going to miss my family, everybody will to varying degrees, but it is time to go and leave and start our own lives guys! So yeah, travelling 5/6 hours all the way up to Lincoln was a pain in the backside, but I am glad I did, 1) because I got to see my Grandad again and 2) because Lincoln is now my joint top choice for university along with Bath Spa. The reason it isn't top is because it doesn't have a JH with Creative Writing, it just has modules and it doesn't have a PGCE in the university itself whereas Bath Spa does.

Tonight I shall just relax and enjoy myself, and then tomorrow night after work, it is decision time. But please, if you have any questions or concerns or anything, then tweet me and I will try and help because I am the oldest child and the first one of any of my family to go to university as far as I am aware, so this is super scary for me, but compared to my IB course university is going to be a piece of cake!

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