Tuesday, 22 January 2013


I have, for as long as I can remember, used Miss Sporty 'Stay Matte' liquid foundation, and after recently believing they had discontinued it, I decided maybe it was time to try something new. I was reccommended this foundation by a few friends as they said it was a mixture between liquid and mousse, and so I thought I would give it a try.


"Our most lightweight foundation for 100% Nude Perfection. Lightweight foam for a flawless finish. Ideal for normal skin"

  • Packaging - I thought the packaging was really nice. I know you shouldn't judge a product by its cover, but I do it a lot and I really like it.
  • Instructions - The instructions, slightly to do with the packaging, was clear. I have never used anything similar to this before, so using something called 'airfoam' scared me a little, but it was easily described and I think that is important from a product.
  • Availability - I found this one online as it was cheaper, but it can be found in Boots, Superdrug and online so the availability of it was very good.

  • Money - Price and cost is a big thing for me as I am working on minimum wage and trying to save some money for uni, so this product wasn't the cheapest thing I have ever bought. It retails at anything between £5 to £8 but I found mine on eBay for about £4. This was still expensive as my usual foundation is only £3.50 but I thought it would be worth the money.
  • Colour - Skin colour is a problem for me, as I am a naturally very pale person and a lot of the brands I use, with the exception of my powder from Collection (originally Collection 2000) do not come in pale enough colours. I have searched and searched but the closest thing would be MAC and I unfortunately cannot afford MAC at the moment. However, I saw this said 'Light Beige', researched and found (at the time of purchasing) this was SAID to be the lightest shade they do. I have now found out they have a Porcelain Ivory which looks very pale and may be more my shade. However, the foundations I have used before, when I have gotten Light or Light Beige they have been a very light colour, this one however was not. It came out very orange and when put on the skin made the skin appear very orange too.
  • Coverage - As well as being pale, I have very shiny skin and often very red skin and so when it comes to coverage I look for a medium to full coverage. On reading some reviews of this it said that that was what it gave. Sadly, it did not. I was scared of putting on too much to increase the coverage because of the colour but when I did apply more at home (to see what it was like) I had a very orange face and still a lot of sheen. It also covered very 'blotchy-like' in which no matter how I applied it, with a sponge, with my fingers or with a foundation brush, it would never cover properly and would be streaky and blotchy. 

I was really disappointed with this product. I had read and heard mixed reviews about it, but my nature is to try something regardless of those few bad reviews. I should have read what they said. I was disappointed with the selection of shades available, the coverage and generally it was a waste of my money. For me this is one of the worst foundations I have ever tried!

WOULD I RECCOMMEND? Absolutely not!
WOULD I BUY IT AGAIN? Never again! I may try the lightest shade now I have discovered it, but I do not hold out much hope!


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  1. i havent heard great things about this, definitely not going to buy it. try some of the rimmel ones - they're not tooo expensive (i mean they're not 3.50 but they're ok!) and i think they're amazing!! :)


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