Tuesday, 26 February 2013

the past few weeks!

The past few weeks have been extraordinary, hence why I haven't posted (for which I am very very sorry! I will try and do another more fashion-y post tonight to make up for it!) Not only did I decide to ombre my hair, which for me was a big thing (see the hair post, dying my hair is always significant in my life) but I went half way across the world in freezing temperatures to Russia! It was possibly the greatest time I have ever had and I would NOT take one moment of it back! I made friends with some amazing people, met other great people and literally had one heck of an adventure! The four hours time difference affected me quite a bit when I got back, but I honestly had such a wonderful time! I literally can't rave about it enough. At first I thought I would never want to visit somewhere so cold again, but honestly I would, it was so stunning there and I don't feel like I got to see everything properly. So if anyone wants to join me on a summer trip to Russia they are MORE than welcome!

Then, as soon as I came back, I was singing, dancing and performing for 3 nights and 3 performances in the panto Arabian Knights which was amazing too. It went so well, and I only forgot my lines majorly once or twice! I also had my first solos in it which were just amazing to do, to finally step out of my shell and perform like that. My worst critic, apart from myself, is my mum, and she said she was so proud of me and what I had achieved which meant so much to me! I played Hasan the Bandit who was secretly Richard the Lionheart in disguise. I got some great applauses and cheers when I revealed myself and when I finished my song and the director said that he was really glad that I did carry on and do this one because it was a great one to finish with (I planned on dropping out due to my mental health and because of work load, and this was my fourth and final panto!) I will visit in 2 years time and watch the next one but sadly I won't be in it! :(

Although I have been feeling a little rough these past few days, when I look back on these two amazing and wonderful things that have happened recently it just seems to make all of it worth it. The Russia trip and the panto will definitely be going in my 'Good Things of 2013' jar!


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