Thursday, 21 March 2013


So, today is a slightly more personal post. It is one that is LONG overdue but couldn't have been done until today.

Today I finished Art...forever. I never (unless I am ever silly enough to choose to!) have to pick up a paintbrush or fold a book or meticulously plan a shoot. I don't have to carry giant A3 sketchbooks to and from school or have PVA or superglue covering my hands for days on end! It has finally come to end and it is one that was very much needed.

Even though I took Art as a GCSE I wouldn't say I was ever very good. So, in hindsight, it was VERY silly of me to decide and choose to do it for IB. Why is beyond me. However, only since Christmas just passed have I really started to get myself in order. It all stemmed from being diagnosed with a mental condition and I produced half my exhibition and a whole project on mental illness. Today whilst doing my interview I had to admit to the whole IBO and my two art teachers that I had a mental illness and that was difficult, but now they understand things better and I think people can understand my work better if they know the frame of mind I was working from.

My final pieces were strong and I was so happy with how it all came out, and now it is all over! The only time I ever have to go to an Art lesson now is tomorrow to hand in our memory sticks with all our final pieces on and to have cake in celebration.

One subject down, way too many to go! At least now I am actually doing the work and am actually striving towards getting the grades I KNOW I can get, instead of settling for what my unstable head thinks.

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