Sunday, 10 March 2013

ESSENTIALS | The things I need/use everyday

Being a student and someone who likes to dress/look good, there are a lot of things I use and need everyday. I don't really use products up a lot because I am someone who gets bored quite easily, and so I will use one product half way/three quarters through and then get another (yes that is wasteful and yes it costs me more money which I can't really afford, but it is what I do). However, these are the things I feel are my 'essential' things, things that I rely on everyday to almost keep me going!
  • Zara Basic Shopper - this was on so many of my wishlists, and I wanted to get it for myself but never had the money. So I put it on my Christmas list and got it from my parents and now I cannot live without it! I use this bag everyday, for school, work and social, and it just goes with everything. It has a deep burgandy/wine coloured interior with 2 small pockets on one side and a bigger, deeper pocket on the other. It zips up along the top, and has 2 arm handles and one shoulder handle. Honestly, this has to be my favourite bag ever.
  • iPhone 4S - I saved up for so long to get this baby, gosh nearly a year ago now! I honestly don't know what I did before I had it. It contains my life and more, and is the most efficient way for me to communicate with people. It was 16GB and I have to keep transferring pictures and changing my music because I run out of space really quickly! I currently have 7 cases and I want to add more! If you are looking for a new phone and are in love with technology I recommend this all the way!
  • Sterling Silver Swallow Necklace - you cannot see it that well in this picture, but if you follow me on IG you will see it in all my pictures. This was a gift a few years ago now and I just don't take it off ever. I think the only times I have taken it off are when I had my surgery, once in Russia and just now for this picture. It is simple and elegant and I love wearing it, it feels like a part of me now.
  • Boots Natural Collection Vanilla Body Spray - I love my perfumes but I don't like having them with me all the time because I fear I might break them, so I have this for everyday use. It lasts, it smells amazing and is cheap considering how amazing it is. Plus it is a drugstore own, bargain!
  • Hand Santitiser - I am not OCD or a clean freak, but I feel the need to always have clean hands. Whenever I have writing on my hands I always make sure I wash it off at night before I go to sleep, and I like to keep myself topped up throughout the day. This is just a drugstore own and has no fragrance, but I do have a Carex Rosewood and Lavender one which I use at home that does smell lovely!
  • My Glasses - now, funny story, I left my glasses in Russia (oops!) and have been using an old pair for about 2 weeks. However Thursday I got a call to say my new glasses had arrived! They are a little darker and bigger than my previous ones, but they fit better and I love love love them! I don't go anywhere without them now!
  • Nivea Moisturiser - I don't take this tub with me when I go out because it is too big, but I use it morning and night on my face, almost as a primer, and on my skin. I 100% recommend this to anyway (I did include this in my 'winter essentials' post - CLICK HERE) I cannot rave about this product enough honestly.
  • Collection Pressed Powder - yesterday I posted about how I had bought a new powder, but I am putting this one in because I currently misplaced the new one (oh lordy I am a scatter brain!) but I always carry my powder with me in case I need it, and if I don't have it with me I usually have an alternative!
  • Fraulein 38 Powder Brush - I wanted a new set of brushes as I was using a lot of old ones and they were getting tatty, and so I got a set of Fraulein 38's for Christmas and have instantly fallen in love! I am planning on doing a post about them because they are just amazing! But yes, I always have this on me so I can apply the powder (durh!)
  • Purse - this purse I believe is from Primark and it just goes really well with my bag (I like to have things matching, I swear I'm not OCD!)
So basically those are my essential items/products. What are yours?

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