Wednesday, 20 March 2013

EVERYDAY | Eyebrow edition

Like most things in life, and like with myself, my eyebrows have a story. Once upon a time, little Amelia thought it was a FANTASTIC idea to get a bob, then a perm. Little Amelia then discovered tweezers and the wonders you could do  to your eyebrows with them. R.I.P. to my eyebrows. When I say my eyebrows were thin, they were a line of hairs. That is it, a line of single hairs. It. Was. Awful. Since then, no matter how much I have tried they have never fully grown back, and now I have discovered the art of refining them through filling in. I keep them in some sort of shape with tweezers now, but now I colour them in and shape them with my pencils and shadows. I would include a picture of the things I use but it isn't one product like some people, it is a combination of a few things.

However, what I basically do is make sure they are all lying flat with an eyebrow brush or a clean mascara wand, go over what little eyebrow I have with a light brown, go over again in a darker and then over again in a eyeshadow. I then use seeting spray (either hairspray or MUA's) and voila! Sometimes I do it a little differently, but I find this way works best for me. (Please note though that the above pictures aren't of great quality and how things look different in person to how they do in pictures!)

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