Thursday, 14 March 2013


I said I was going to do a post about my brush collection, and I need a break from my work so I decided why not now!

For Christmas I asked for some new makeup brushes. I had been using a small selection of Rimmel ones for a few years and they were getting tatty and the hairs were falling out. I have wanted some Real Technique ones for so long but I knew there was no hope in getting them, so I found a slightly cheaper alternative. I found these on Amazon believe it or not (LINK HERE) and although the reviews were VERY mixed I decided to put them on my list.

  • Price - Although it is still costly for a set of makeup brushes, price per brush is so much cheaper than Real Techniques and even the Rimmel ones I used to use. 
  • Quality - Do not always be fooled by reviews! The reviews for these brushes in regards to quality were very poor, people saying that the hairs started to fall out and that they didn't pick powder up well etc. Well I disagree. At first there was a little hair fall out, but I find that with all new brushes, but after a few days they were fine. They pick up powder brilliantly and they don't keep the 'powder colour' much either (the only one in the picture that is discoloured is my blusher brush and that is purely because it is the only one I haven't had a chance to wash this week.) The hairs are soft and they feel great on the skin when applying powders.
  • Availability - Because these were found online they are very easily accessible  This is the largest collection I think, but you can smaller ones, such as 18 pieces or 6.
  • Packaging - Generally the packaging was brilliant (I will explain why 'generally' in a moment). The pouch has come in SO handy, and the ties are great too as it just keeps it all together if you are taking the brushes with you somewhere, so for example when I carry mine with me for shoots!
  • Range - The range of brushes available in this collection, and in the others, is just brilliant. You have everything from a masacar wand to a lip brush to a variety of sized blending brushes to an angled brush to a fan is marvellous! I only use a select few on a day to day basis (as shown in my previous post) but when I am doing a shoot I will use more and I will always find one that I need because the range is fantastic!
  • Packaging - One thing that nearly every review said was that when you opened the pouch is stunk very badly of chemicals. I agree with this. There was a very very bad smell and it lingered for about a week. I aired it and sprayed it and did a whole manner of things but it wouldn't leave, so I just left it to leave on its own. The smell was only on the pouch though, not the brushes, so I wasn't scared about using them. This is the only negative thing I have to say about them though!

Overall I am in love. These are wonderful brushes and I just can't rave about them enough! One of my friends has already bought some because she has seen me using them for shoots and says she loves them too. As brushes go, these are professional with a students price tag!

WOULD I RECCOMMEND? Absolutely yes!
WOULD I BUY IT AGAIN? If I ever needed more brushes or was buying for a friends birthday then these would be in the fore front of my mind yes!

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  1. You should get the Wowcher APP! I just got a set of brushes for £19 from £140 and they are perfect for college or fashion shows. Also, Crown brushes are great.


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