Saturday, 9 March 2013

NEW PURCHASES AND REVIEWS | Makeup and nail polish

I am a massive fan of drugstore products, mainly because I am poor but also because I personally don't see the need (with makeup) to spend a lot of money when you can get a cheaper equivalent if you just look, that will probably do the same but better. I wanted to get a few little things for myself this month, because it has been a few rough weeks and I felt I deserved it, so these are the things I got!

  • Barry M Gelly Hi Shine in Watermelon
  • Barry M Gelly Hi Shine in Pomegranate
  • Barry M Magnetic Nail Polish in Chameleon Blue
  • Essie in Tour De Finance
  • Collection Sheer Loose Powder in Barely There
  • Extreme 24 Hour Felt Tip Liner in Purple (WILL EXPLAIN BELOW!)
  • Colour Pout Lip Stain in Dark Red/Burgandy

So the three Barry M nail polishes...if I am being honest I am not that impressed. I am doing everything right when it comes to the magnetic one and it just doesn't want to work! No way am I taking it back, I will make it work, but it is just frustrating. With the Gelly Hi Shines...yeah, they are really really nice colours, they dry really quick and they do have a hi shine to them, but mine chipped really quickly, despite having a base coat, 2 layers and a top coat on them. HOWEVER my dreams were realised when I received my Essie nail polish! One of my 'makeup goals' in life is to own an Essie, OPI, Nars, Nails Inc and China Glaze nail polish set and I am already on my way haha! I can not rave about this nail polish enough. It is marvellous! The pink has an ever so slight shimmer to it and is quite a bright pink, but not as bright as Barry M Pink Flamingo. (On my Instagram there is a picture of my nails when I had finished them so you can see the picture better there if you wish!) This one is a slight cheat because I actually got this off eBay to save SOME money, but is wonderful!

Makeup wise, I needed some new powder. I bought some new powder. Tah dah! Basically I used the Collection Pressed Powder in Ivory and my friend has this one, and when I borrowed it the other day for a touch up because of the rain I just fell in love! It felt so light on my face and was a transparent powder but one that did cover up those shiny areas! In all honesty I don't know why I haven't used this before, probably because I am not the BIGGEST fan of loose powder, but I thought why the heck not! The lip stain was a slight indulgence. As I said in my previous post I am looking for dark lipsticks and I saw this and again (foolishly) thought it would be darker in life than it was on my hand. Truth be told, again, it isn't that dark HOWEVER it is a very very nice colour and I will be wearing it a lot. Now, the eye liner...this was a slight mistake. Collection have an offer on that if you spend £4.99 or more you get the eyeliner free, and seeing as this and the Rimmel Liquid Eyeliner are the ones I use I thought I might as well get another one for free and just keep it. When it came to writing this blog I soon discovered I had made a terrible mistake and had picked up purple instead of black! To be honest it doesn't matter too much because I will use this one when I go out places, but still. Slightly annoyed!

Anyway, those are my most recent purchases! 

Would I recommend  Yes, definitely, except possibly the magnetic nail polish.
Were they worth the money? The makeup was, and the Essie nail polish, but I am not so sure about the other polishes. 
Would I buy them again? The makeup and the Essie polish yes, maybe the other polishes yes but I would a) need to discover the secret to the magnetic polish and b) come to terms with the fact that I am paying an extra pound for the hi shine polishes that do exactly the same job as normal polishes!

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