Thursday, 11 April 2013

HAIR | My silly mistake and the consequence now

I am a very silly person, I shall hold my hands up and say so (but you aren't allowed so stop agreeing!) and because I am a very silly person I make very silly mistakes. One of which was deciding I wanted to be blonde again. As I said in one of my first posts where I posted about my hair (link here) it seems to be recently, in the last few years, that I change my hair after a life change in some way. This time, I wanted to change my hair before the life change - that change being my 18th. So, being me, I coerced my friend into doing it for me and the results, although decent, were enough to make my mother fly off the rails. So I decided to change it back to brunette. And again, the results weren't fantastic. I ended up being half brunette and half black so I dyed it again today so I now have all black hair (well, not really black, but very very VERY dark brown!) For anyone wishing to be this colour, it is Schwartzkopf XXL Bittersweet Chocolate. So yes, this is the progression of my hair.

And if anyone wants my advice, for the love of baby in heaven, do not do something unless it is 100% what you want. I should have waited and got mum to help me but I was impatient and impulsive and I regret doing it then. Credit to my friend Aiden for doing what he could, and he did a good job considering. Maybe I will stay this colour for a while, I kind of like it. It is growing on me (plus the fact I am now Snow White and I will be milking that every day because I love it. Haha.)

Oh and btw, the third one down, of me with deliberate half and half hair, that was me contemplating whether or not to Cruella DeVille it and keep it like that. Maybe I will for the summer, I kind of liked it! Now that I think about it, two days ago I loved my hair, and although I like it the colour it is now I wish wish wish I hadn't of changed it. I really liked the ombre.

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