Wednesday, 17 April 2013


WOW WOW WOW. First blogspot post being old and everything! Not that typing a blogspot feels much different because of my age but I have done so many things already and I have only been 18 for three days! It is honestly so crazy to believe 4 days ago I was laid in bed absolutely shattered from a wonderful meal with my family and then BOOM, midnight comes, I turn 18 and my phones blows up! Haha. Ben was the first to text, followed by Rob and Megan and Aiden and everyone else and it was lovely to know that people cared enough to realise it was past midnight so they text me!

I was so lucky this year with the lovely things I got from people, I am so so honoured to have such amazing family and friends and I cannot wait to share some of the things with you guys, but first I have to get my phone sorted as it is playing up very badly and I am getting worried! For now, I will show you a few pics from my meal with the family.

Thank you to everyone who made Sunday, Monday and Tuesday extra special, you are all amazing, and roll on this weekend and my first night out on the town!

This was the dress I wore to the meal and I was so so happy with how it looked! It was a size 10 and I didn't have a stomach and I didn't have rolls when I sat down and I just generally felt fabulous! I also felt it went great with the new colour of my hair (haha oops!)

I PRESENT TO YOU MY BIRTHDAY CAKE LADIES AND GENTS! Each app represents something about me and I cannot thank the lovely lady enough who made this for me! Tastes amazing as well and honestly the craftsmanship that has gone into this is amazing! I would recommend this wonderful lady to anybody (alas, she and I live in the middle nowhere and probably nowhere near any of you lovely people!)

This is everyone in my dad's side of the family. Thinking back on it, the majority of the people there were from my dad's side, with the exception of my two godmothers and their families, a lovely gent who was in the Royal Navy with my dad yonks ago and is like a third uncle and my mum's parents. Her brother and his wife are currently in Spain (but they HAVE promised me a few rounds of drinks when they get back mid May to make up for it!) and their son is currently at uni up north and just couldn't get down. But yes, this was the family! Full of cousins, aunties, uncles, girlfriends, fiances, the lot!

This little motley crew was my mum's side of the family. Toby didn't want to smile and we also came to the conclusion that he had just picked his nose BUT ANYWAY I really like this picture of everyone else haha. It is actually a very rare thing to have a picture with us all smiling so (cropping Toby out for a moment) it is a really nice picture and I cannot wait to get a print out and frame it!

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