Tuesday, 2 April 2013

REVIEW | Kelly Brook's New Look Summer Collection

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With summer (and my holiday) just around the corner, Spring seems to have been forgotten in terms of fashion. British weather hasn't helped this one bit, but with summer being most peoples favourite season, mine included, it is time to bring out the summer fashions. And boy this year promises to be a good one!

Now, Kelly Brook has been teamed with New Look for over a year now I believe and the things they have produced together have been amazing! The colours and styles in keeping with the trends but making them different, unique and desireable! And this year they have not disappointed either! With the first batch of summer clothes on the rails, Kelly has produced her first selection already and they are just as amazing as I would have expected! 

Above is a selection of my favourite pieces (as you can see they are mainly bikinis as I am in 'going to Tenerife on holiday' mode! However, the frilled jumpsuit, double zipped shorts and bralets are just as fun. The description for each piece starts with "Keep it fabulous, flirty and floral this season for a sexy style that's bang on trend!" or "Keep it flirty, feminine and fabulous this season in summer florals with a vintage twist!" and that is beyond true. The vintage touch that she always adds to her pieces make this seasons fashion choices just as girly, flirty and fun as they should be. After all, isn't that what summer is all about?!

I cannot WAIT to go shopping Thursday and get my hands on some of these pieces as I know they will be worth every penny, and I cannot wait to wear them lounging by the pool abroad or down the beach with the my friends in the summer. These pieces are going to fly off the rails, and as vintage is one of the styles that suits me I will be joining the hoards of people waiting to get them!

Kelly Brook, congrats girl. This summer line is A+!

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