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20 facts about me! | findneverlandwithme

(Hello hello hello! I am adding this note here in teeny tiny writing so you can see but not see...that makes sense. This is an old post that I saved in my drafts and seeing as I am having some serious problems with my iPhone right now and can't connect it to my laptop I thought I would post an old post instead. Post. That is an odd word. Post. Anyway!)

Hello my lovelies! I thought I would do a 20 facts about me post. Now I see a lot of these around, on blogspot and YouTube and such and some people really like them (like me, because I am a little nosey, oops.) and some people don't. And that is fine. If you don't like them you can look away......


  1. I was born at 4:29am on April 15th 1995 which happened to be an Easter Saturday. My uncle was moving that day and told my mum that whatever she did to not have me then because he needed my dad's help to move. So mum gave birth to me on the one day she was told not to. GO MUM!
  2. I am above average height for females. I am 5'11 and unfortunately still very very slowly growing. I have said though, if I am medically classed as 6' I will NEVER admit it. I do not want to be a 6 foot woman!
  3. My natural hair colour is blonde despite my eyebrows being dark. This was always the case although it got more noticeable once I grew up and then I started dying my hair blonder and so people assume I am naturally brunette. Wrong my friends, wrong.
  4. The house I currently live in which is my house is the house I have lived in all my life. I have never moved, and I think this could be one reason I am so petrified of moving out to go to university in September!
  5. I have a serious obsession with bright lipsticks but I am not a big fan of wearing them outside.
  6. I have a large nose. I shall admit that. My glasses don't suit, sunglasses don't sit straight, urgh. Life!
  7. I like Disney, Harry Potter, Sherlock, Doctor Who, Dexter, Supernatural, Sex and the City, The Notebook and musicals way too much. Yeah. I am a little addicted. 
  8. My life ambition is to see a published book of mine on the big screen, but until that dream comes true I want to be an English teacher. And a cool one. Yeah.
  9. I keep planning new tattoos every day.
  10. No matter what people say about me, I will always have this image of myself and until I am happy with that image I won't believe what other people say when they do compliment me. Bad self-esteem issues. Oh no.
  11. Major celebrity crush on Ryan Gosling. Nuff said.
  12. I have a very strange obsession with food. I am always craving (currently) crisp and chocolate spread sandwiches. I know I am very weird I JUST LOVE THEM!!
  13. I know all the words to Super Bass by Nicki Minaj. And I am not necessarily proud of that fact.
  14. I have no hidden talents or party tricks, for example I am not double jointed or can roll my belly or can do that yoga bridge thing. Nope.
  15. I can play piano and guitar quite well, but if I had the time I would like to learn properly.
  16. I am nearly 18 and I STILL can't drive. Damn.
  17. I would find it really creepy but amazing if one day I was walking down the street and someone came up to me and said "OHMUGERRHHDDDD ITS FINDNEVERLANDWITHME FROM BLOGSPOT/YOUTUBE" like I would love to be considered popular on the internet as I have never come ever CLOSE to that in real life!
  18. Sometimes I speak before I think and it gets me into situations.
  19. I like to argue, I think it relieves tension, but I am not a confrontational person at all.
  20. Fish are friends not food. Except prawns. That shit is good.
So I hope I have informed you some what on some of the weird and wacky and possibly slightly normal things about me. If you have any questions, you can tweet me or email me!

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