Sunday, 5 May 2013

Bits and bobs post!

Hello lovelies! I know I know, don't hate on me, I haven't kept to my promise but I honestly have been a busy busy bee and my brain hurts so much from all my revising so I have many excuses not to have kept to it but I shall post this and another tonight (hopefully if my internet decides it would like to co-operate, which would be lovely!)

SO life updates and such which I thought could be fun for you. Or not. If not, look away now. If so, then hello!

I have finished English now, yay! Well, I shall I have finished English...I haven't. I go to university in September to study English but for now I have and that is pretty cool. I have done 2 out of my 12 exams and I have Psychology next, soooo basically I have done the easy exams and now I have the really hard ones that make me scared :(

Secondly, I have a tattoo! Finally! It has happened people! If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter you will have seen it but yes, I finally got my wishbone tattoo and as I sit here typing this I have DiproBase on it and it is nearly all healed which is pretty cool, it is still a little scabby. Mother, Father, Grandmother and Grandfather all hate it, but you know what? That does not bother me in the slightest! My body and I am so super happy with it and I cannot wait to hopefully make a video about it once I get my next one after we come back off holiday.

Next point, I am going on holiday soon so expect lots of photos and such when I get back from that! We are going to Tenerife and I am so excited as it has been a very long time since I went on a proper sunny holiday, and because we are all inclusive it means we get free drinks...HELLO COCKTAILS IN THE SUN!

Related to this, and on a slightly more serious note, today was very hard for me as I told my grandparents about my self harming. Mum and I had spoken about it and said it was the best thing to do because where my thighs are a problem area and I will be spending most of my time in a bikini it will become very obvious very quickly to them what has happened. So we thought it best to tell them before and prepare them almost for it. So yes, that was difficult, especially when my Grandad hugged me and cried. That never happens. I have never seen my Grandad cry. Ever.

Lastly, when I get back off holiday, my exams will have finished and I will have nothing to save for (except uni) but hopefully (fingers crossed!!) I shall be investing in a semi decent camera, yayyy! This means one thing people - YouTube. Now, yes, I know I keep saying I will do videos etc etc and I do, I film them and then it comes to editing and I get distracted watching people like Zoella and Gemsmaquillage and complaing about how pretty they are and how perfect their faces are and such and never get round to it, and it is honestly a vicous cycle. But hopefully, I still have the software and the determination I just need a good camera now!

So yes, just a little update for you all. Hope you are all well, and don't forget you can always contact me through my business email or follow me on various social networking sites!

Until next time!! 

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  1. Lovely and no way I cant believe you've got a tatoo!Im pretty sure it looks awesome.

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