Monday, 6 May 2013

MAKEUP | Help from you!

Hello lovelies!

To cut a long story short, I have come into a little bit of money due to a small pay rise and baby sitting duties etc, and I have been using the same makeup for a very long time now, and although the weather is getting warmer and I will be going on holiday and getting a tan soon I am STILL a very very pale child. I feel like the makeup I have isn't doing me a lot of good - for my skin, my pocket and my colour - and so I am in need of some new products!

This is where I would like your help dear followers, readers, fellow bloggers! I would like some suggestions for pale foundations or powders or your favourite mascaras or eye shadow palettes or primers that I could buy, test, try, swatch, review for you and hopefully ones that will give me a better complexion! They can be drugstore or high street or high end market - whatever! Whatever you use and think is the bees knees and the best thing since sliced bread then let me know!

So, please leave your comments below, or email me or tweet me, and just give a girl a hand! Not only do I need the help from you guys, but it would be really cool to see what you guys use and what you consider your absolute fave beauty product!

Thank youuuuu! 

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