Tuesday, 14 May 2013

ME | Arabian Knights - the temporary end to my acting career

I realised looking back over posts (and realising what a dweeb I used to be!) that I never finalised the sequence of events that was the pantomime I was involved in where I was the lead. I just kind of wanted to show you a few pictures a friend took just to show that I was there and I was actually the lead and you know what? I was jolly good at my role!

Singing the final song at the end, laughing my head off because Rollo (the hippie) was making me laugh so much, he was brilliant, always is!

They are 'holding our for a hero'!

One of my favourite shots - the face off between Richard the Lionheart and the Wicked Caliph!

Taking my bow at the end of the final show.

This was when I arrived to save the day, and was before I revealed that I, Hasan the Bandit, was in fact Richard the Lionheart all along!

This was during the opening number. Strike a pose much?! (I love Kerry's face in the background...my public adores me!)

Arabian Knights was my fifth and final pantomime down here and I loved every moment of it, even if I did conflict with a few of the other people in it (and directing it, oops!) but it was great to be part of something, and to finally have a solo, and it was AH-MAZING to finally have a lead part after so long! Unfortunately due to commitments it will be the last time I perform for a while, but I hope hope hope that when I get to university there will be an opportunity for me to start ballet again and to take part in perfoming again! I may not be the best there because there are people studying dramatic arts at Bath Spa who are mind blowing, but I want to be in it in some way, even if I am Villager #3!

So indeed, I was Richard the Lionheart, a rustic, old time, English King...that is one to tell the kids!

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