Sunday, 12 May 2013

ME | The Memoirs of a Geek-er

So I tried to make something witty out of the title. And failed. Clearly. I am not a Geisha therefore it was not appropriate but I couldn't think of anything else! Oh well, on this the post!

Between Year 8 and 11 I kept a diary, but when commitments got too much I couldn't carry on. Plus, my mother knew all my hiding places (luckily she doesn't anything because I have new ones). My problem is my memory. Apparently I have selective memory, but I don't believe that because I remember everything about the whole universe at once or nothing at all. I cannot remember a lot from before I was 10, that is how bad it is. So I decided when I saw this at work to get it and utilise the resources I have so that one day, just like with my previous diaries, I can look back and I will hopefully remember things.

If you are reading this and enjoy soppy sad films that make you cry like a baby then you will probably be thinking that this sounds an awful lot like The Notebook and it is, that is where I got my idea, except I don't have that sort of memory problem. And this isn't necessarily a story of boy meets girl, it will be writings and musing and to do lists and things I have stuck in - a conglomoration of things that will help me remember when I can't.

This may seem like a pointless post to some, but to me this is very important. This is the first step to my recovery and in overcoming my mental health problems.

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