Monday, 13 May 2013

PRODUCT REVIEW | Alberto Balsam Shampoo and Conditioner

Have you ever been in the situation when you are staying at a friends or someones house and you wake up next morning and think, damn, I wish I could have a shower right now. Well I had that Saturday. I had finished work, I have 30 minutes until my boyfriend's mum finished work and all I wanted was a shower. So I decided to invest in something I am going to call 'travel hair products' because I won't use them at my house, only other peoples (well, that was my intention. Broke that rule today because...well I shall explain why!)

I had heard a lot about the Alberto Balsam products, but it wasn't that particular brand I was looking for. I was looking for cheap and something that smelt good! I saw these, 99p a bottle currently in Superdrug, and smelt them and fell in love. It wasn't until I was looking at blogspot at my boyfriends house that these were the products that were raved about!

I have been using Tresemme 24hr Colour Protection for about 3 years now and yes they are a good product, but right now, with money being a little tighter and even tighter when I go to uni, I need a product for my hair that will work all the time and is cost effective. Recently I have been avoiding doing anything to my hair, I haven't straightened it in nearly 3 weeks, I haven't blow dried in 2 weeks and I have tried to cut down on the amount of hairspray and back combing I do every morning, and trying to brush it every day (as that is a big thing for me!) It has really helped my hair, and since using this shampoo and conditioner I have noticed an even bigger improvement in the quality of my hair.


These are honestly the best shampoo and conditioner I have ever had, and I have tried a fair few! They may not be colour protection but right now that isn't my concern, it is the state of my hair. And trying to reduce the amount of things I do to my hair and using such a great product as this...roll on long hair for summer!

This is one my favourite products right now, and when I finally get a chance to do a video I will try and do a May Favourites and this will definitely be in it!

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  1. The Alberto Balsam shampoo range smell sooooo good! Have you tried the strawberry one?

    I found you through tumbler and seen you've reached 6000 views , well done! I've only started my blog, stop by for a nosey if you like xx

    1. They are possibly the best shampooo and conditioner I have found!
      Thank you very much, yeah, 6,000 may seem like a days work for some blog users but for me it means a lot because, as I said on tumblr, I have worked on my own very hard to create this blog and I am always changing it and will keep changing it till I am happy!

  2. I totally agre with u, I bought the almond and honey and its amazing, the best shampoo I ever bought in my life amazing

  3. The smells of the are so so nice! Thinking of doing a review myself as I love the smell of the Blueberry ones!
    I love your blog by the way :)

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