Sunday, 12 May 2013

PRODUCTS | 3 for 2 at Superdrug

I have said before, many a time, that I am a sucker for offers and such. So when I went in to find foundation and discovered there was an offer on in Superdrug for 3 for 2 on ALL cosmetics...well, I couldn't refuse! I wanted to get more expensive brands than I did, but I had to think about holiday as well and the sort of thing I would need to that, so with that in mind, these were the things I bought (I am also going into town either tomorrow or Tuesday to get some more nail varnishes or mascaras or something because I like new things.)

NYC Smooth Skin Loose Face Powder in 741A Translucent

NYC Natural Matte Foundation in 001 Ivory
Pictures: Above right is foundation skin, above right is foundation partially applied

NYC Show Time Mascara (Waterproof) in 844 Black

NYC is not a big name brand, nor is it expensive. Besides MUA, NYC is probably one of the cheapest, if not the second cheapest drugstore brand out there. Since buying these on Friday I have used them religiously to test them out (albiet the mascara which I am saving for holiday, seeing as holiday was the ONLY reason I bought it!) and I can safely say I am most definitely in love with these products!

The foundation offers a medium to high coverage, with even a chance of being buildable. The colour is good on my skin, as this was a main concern as I am naturally very pale. However, this is the palest at hand and I am pleasantly surprised at how well it works with my skin. It works well as a concealer too and I have been using it heavily under my eyes to hide my bags (I don't usually do this, but it was a test to see how well it performed) and it did the job well! It says 8hr protection and I shall say this for the product - it does just that! After 7 hours at work, walking from one end of town to the other, having several ill hot flushes (don't ask!) and enduring a boiling car journey before I could change and powder my nose (literally, not the metaphor we ladies use to visit the toilet) it survived very very very well.

The powder is a great compliment to the foundation. Getting on the train this morning I was wearing no make up, and that is the first time EVER I have stepped out a house with no makeup on, it was an achievment, but it did mean I got to spend an extra 25 minutes in bed with my boyfriend (meep!) I sat on the train and applied a few layers of this powder and my MUA blusher and it did just the trick. It is a light to medium coverage but is definitely buildable, as I discovered this morning! It does its job well and I am very impressed with it. It is very very fine, finer than any other loose powder I have had, so the coverage is very smooth and even.

As I haven't tried the mascara I won't post about it, however once I have been on holiday and tested how well it works I shall report back!

So, NYC, definitely a brand I would recommend, especially for people on a tight budget like me, and for pale people like me. It is affordable, good quality and easily accessible  NYC, this first time user is very very impressed!

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  1. I've not tried NYC before but on the look out for a mineral powder for spring/summer so may check this out! Lovely blog girl :) xx


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