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HAIR | Changing with the times!

Hello lovelies! I know I said I would do a post on this on Monday but I was at Ben's Monday night and at an IB gathering/BBQ/booze fest last night so I just haven't had a real moment to sit down and do this. However, I did say that I would explain the hair situation to you as I am slightly annoyed but understanding at the same time.

So if you follow me on basically any kind of social media, you will know that Monday I went to a salon to hopefully get my hair dyed and sorted. This was the first time I had been to a hairdressers in probably about 3 years as we used to have someone that comes to our house but that stopped about a year ago and for the past year I haven't really had a proper hair cut, which I DO NOT ADVISE AT ALL! Not only was that damaging my hair, but I was straightening it every day, even when I was staying indoors in my pjs I would still get up and straighten it, I was dying it left right and centre and it wasn't getting brushed. I decided it was finally time to sort it out and have a 'personal intervention' (and just in time for prom!)

So, I went to the Dorchester Hair Studio which I had always heard good reviews about and my younger sister has been there for a trim a few times and they are really lovely and helpful in there. I booked the appt with the idea that I was getting a trim, full head strip and full head dye, roughly £80-£90. However when I got there the lady said she couldn't, and wouldn't, do it for me. She explained that my hair was in such poor condition and it was too patchy to even consider it, and besides she didn't want to do it, completely wreck my hair and put her name to a bad job, which I can totally and whole heartedly understand! I wouldn't want to either you know! So what she did do, and as you can probably tell, is cut away 3 inches, yes 3 BLOOMING INCHES, off my hair, all the dead stuff gone, just like that! She also did something called a bleach wash. Now, I am no hair expert but what she told me was that it would basically start to lift all the colour from my hair without completely destroying it. She did two washes and as she was drying it I could see the difference.

It may not look like it in the picture but all my hair has gone a few shades lighter, even the parts that were blonde! My roots are more my natural colour than they were before and the quality of my hair is indescribable! It is soft and light and healthy and I am just so so happy I got this done before prom, I wouldn't want my dodgy ends being on a photo like that! It is going to take some getting used too, what with it being so short (it hasn't been this short for about 2/3 years so it is a bit of a culture shock for me!) However I do not regret the decision I made to go and have it done and I do not bear any grudges towards the lady who did my hair as she did the right thing.

What she did do was take two small patches of my hair and is doing a dye patch test on them to see what the best course of action from here is, whether it is to carry on bleach washing and then dye, or bleach wash and highlight or just bleach wash...there are so many things that can be done and she just wants to test a few options out, see what is best for my hair.

So yes that is what happened on Monday. I kind of like it this length, I think it makes me look slightly older (???) who knows, but it will take some getting used too and maybe, just maybe, I will be blonde before I go to university! People have said to me why did you not just dye it at home and save the disappointment and money. Well, because the disappointment is worth having and money is worth spending if it means that my hair is in a healthy condition and that when I do get it dyed it will be done right and not by me and my mum who have NO hair training whatsoever!

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