Friday, 21 June 2013

ME | Craft times are here again!

Hello lovelies! So, as some of you will know, those who follow me on Instagram or Twitter, or possibly my Tumblr if you are unlucky enough, will know that recently I have decided to dust off my creative hat and start to make cards again. I used to do it a long time ago, probably when I was in year 7 or 8, and I just haven't done it since because of time and because of having to be creative for Art in school and being creatively drained, or an artist block, similar to writers block (which I am also getting rid of, but that is for another time!)

I have a three stack plastic drawer unit which I kept everything in and since I stopped it has sort of sat in my room all sad and lonely and staring at me as if to say "AMELIA Y U NO LUV MEH?!" Also three stack plastic drawer unit, I do! I tipped everything out, sorted everything in there into folders and boxes and drawers and may I say I am very proud of myself! The top drawer contains all the blank cards, I have square ones, narrow ones, normal sized, large ones, pastel, neon, white, ivory...a whole assortment of different kinds! 

The middle drawer holds all my stamps, inks, scissors (including craft scissors, you know the ones with the funny edges! I used to love them when I was younger!) glue, 3D sticky pads, double sided tape, normal tape, masking tape, basically anything you might need to stick, cut or start of a card! 

The bottom drawer, which was a pig sty before I cleaned it out, contains all my crafty bits. In plastic wallets at the bottom I have sorted out my papers into male and female, so I have stars and dots and hearts and pink and blue and green and yellow (and yes, I have been slightly sexist and stereotypical when sorting them out, for example pink for female, blue for male, but it will be easier to find a specific kind of paper that way). I also have a folder full of oriental/middle eastern style paper which I had no clue I had! On top of that I have two packs of amazing Organza Fabric. What I can do with that I don't quite know yet, but I am sure I will find a use! On top of that are three boxes - one which has sentiments in (happy birthday, thank you, merry get the idea), one which has die cuts, such as hearts, tags, cakes, balloons, baby prams, and the last which has 'extras' in, like sequins or feathers or jewels.

So far I have only made two cards (the pics at the top), which doesn't seem a lot but for me it was a big step, and I plan on making more. The whole point of this blog was to say that hopefully I shall be making an eBay account under a new name (not my personal one) where I will be selling the cards cheaply. I will also be setting up a link from my blog here to the eBay page so that you have easy access. I know this sounds ridiculous, but a lot of thought and care goes into projects that I do, take this blog as a perfect example, and I just wondered if once I get started you guys would be lovely and help and support me and maybe every now and again get one of my cards. Gosh, now I seem pathetic, but one can do nothing but ask!
I hope everyone is delightful and is having a great Friday!
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