Sunday, 2 June 2013

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Hello hello hello! I am back off holiday and boy has it been a crazy few weeks! So much has been happening, besides going abroad for one last big family holiday, and I hope you guys have had a great few weeks too!

So, first things first! As you are probably all aware on May 16th I sat my last IB exam! 2 years of brutal hell had led up to that point and suddenly it was all over! It was an amazing moment to walk out of the exam hall and celebrate with some of my friends the fact that the IB was officially over for us! Although it has been hell, my teachers have been so supportive and understanding and I really do want to thank them so much for helping me through everything!

Secondly, and most importantly, I have been on holiday for the first time 4 years! We went to Tenerife and stayed in Paradise Park Hotel  which was just amazing! The staff were so friendly, the room was lovely, the view from the balcony was spectacular and the days (even those that were cloudy) were still hotter than a hot day here in England! I have some impressive, and very sexy, tan lines on my arms and half my forehead but hopefully they will go soon...I pray!

Toby on his first day of being in the swimming pool!

Day out at the market with Grandad on the Sunday

Some of the things I bought - wine for Ben's parents, t-shirt and biscuits for Ben and the rest for me, yay!

Feeling body confident!

The dolphin show at Aqualand!

Grandma, Toby and Grandad on the dolphin spotting boat

Toby and I messing around on the boat

The sunset from out balcony one night

Some more things I bought - lollies...probably for me, bracelets and huge novelty lighter for me

Meal on the final night!

One thing I LOVED more than anything else was the fact that wherever I went, and however short my shorts were or when I walked around in my bikini, no one stared or cared about my scars, not even my family, and I feel amazing now because of it!

Thirdly, and possibly the most insignificant, I have been on an involuntary iPhone detox for the past 3, nearly 4, weeks. My phone decided it didn't want to do anything, it was dead. Completely. I prayed for its return for a week but nothing. After being told by EE to speak to Apple and after being told by Apple to speak to EE my dad called Apple, shouted some legal jargon at them and on May 17th my baby was sent off. Hopefully, tomorrow, we shall be reunited!

Finally, tonight I helped dad build a giant bonfire...with practically everything from the last two years. With packing things away before university and with needing a general tidy anyway, I thought tonight would be a good night to have a bonfire and destroy everything that made my life more hellish than it was. And although my room now stinks of bonfire smoke, I don't care because the endless trips up the garden was worth it! I also started to pack up my bookshelves into a box and that felt really strange, like I was starting to pack up my life.


Trying to decide which books to keep here in the loft or take with is a tough choice! Of course Mr Potter will be going with me!

These past few weeks have been a little bit crazy for me, and now I have work for a whole two weeks, but I do get to spend some time with my boyfriend! What has been going on in your life? Drop me a tweet, email or comment and tell me all about it!

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