Tuesday, 4 June 2013

PURCHASES | 3 for 2 at Superdrug..again! Oh, and a purse!

SO you guys know how much I love sharing my purchases with you, even the small things. And you know how much of a sucker I am for deals. Well Superdrug still have their 3 for 2 offer on, but this now includes the 'home brands' of MUA and 2True. So, as one does when one has an hour before work and a little money in her pocket that she shouldn't really be using, what does one do? ONE GOES SHOPPING!!

I have had a purse very very similar to this for about a year now. I got it from Primark for about £3, the only differences are that it was a black quilted one and the quilting design on the top flap is slightly different. Unfortunately for a while now it hasn't been able to shut and I just haven't felt safe with it being open, even when it is in my bag. So I thought I would get a new one! I was in Peacocks looking for a shoulder bag that I could use when I go out on the weekends and just saw this by chance and thought YES I SHALL HAVE THAT! It was £9 but if the Primark one lasted me a year, hopefully this one will too!

I have been looking for some really nice summery colours to start wearing on my fingers and toes and these were just adorable! I wanted to get some textured ones, but my Superdrug had run out unfortunately so I got these instead, but I am still in love! And they have THE cutest names! Plus, pastels are ALWAYS in!

So yes! I cannot wait to test all of these out, I am thinking of maybe doing a swatches post for the MUA pallette, nail varnishes and blusher once I get a little bit of time, but honestly, it is definitely worth going into Superdrug and having a look for something because offers like these are for limited times only!

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  1. I bought the blue nail varnish too recently! It's so pretty :)



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