Wednesday, 10 July 2013

ME | Class of 2013 Leavers Ball ft. Ben

As a lot of you will now if you follow me on twitter or instagram or have me on facebook, it was my Leavers Ball a week ago today! To some it may have been a prom but it wasn't really, it was better than a prom. Now, I was very skeptical because I was still very unsure as to whether I wanted to go and whether I would enjoy it but I can honestly say I had possibly the best night of my life (and that would still be true even if I hadn't been drinking!) There was such a different atmosphere and pace between this one and my year 11 prom and I am so glad I decided to go in the end!

I also had the privaledge of taking Ben to his first prom! Due to medical and personal reasons he has never been able to go to one before, so this was a new thing for him and although I think he may have been a bit overwhelmed he seemed to genuinely enjoy himself, which I was really really happy about (he even bought a round of drinks for me and my friends!) Ellen, one of my long term best friends, said to him that out of all the boyfriends that have been and gone between our group, he has been the best, and I think that meant a lot to him (it certainly did to me!)

SO without any further delay, I shall show you some of the (few) pictures I have from the night. I hope that anyone who had a prom or a Leavers Ball or gala or any such in the last few weeks had as great a time at theirs as I did at mine!

My makeup - a lot of heavy coverage and 2 sets of eyelashes! All my hair and makeup was done by me and I was so happy with how it turned out!

Prom nails, took forever to dry and finish but I was so so happy with the finished result!

My group - Phil, Annabel, Georgia, Lewis, Ben, I, Aiden, Chloe and Ellen

IB Chloe and I outside waiting to have a go on the dodgems! 

Crazy how much can change in two years! Left is the professional photo from my Year 11 prom with Aiden and right is the professional photo with Ben from the Leavers Ball.

Annabel and I larking about!

Aiden and I two years apart - we have both had fallings out and make ups with each other in the two years but we are still great friends, so much changes in two years, not just physically and facially but mentally too and I personally feel that although we are both going through things we are better now than we were then.

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  1. You look absolutely stunning in these photo's! Glad you had a fab time:)


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