Monday, 29 July 2013

ME | My Pandora Collection

I thought seeing as I had just bought a new Pandora after being paid that I would do a blog post about my collection. I have split it into two sections, ones that I have purchased and ones that have been gifted to me. I am addicted to my Pandoras and my bracelet and ring are my staple accessories. I wear them nearly every day even when I am work, I only take them off to shower, sleep or if I am having a lazy day in (which at the moment doesn't seem to be a lot!)

The picture on the left are the ones that have been gifted to me. The bracelet, ring (which is my birth stone ring) the wishbone, small crystal charm and the two 18th charms were given to me for my birthday in April and the envelope was given to me by an old boyfriend (I do not want to get rid of it or sell it because a) I like the charm itself but also b) it was a chapter in my 'book of life').

Writing this post I have just realised a fatal mistake! The camera, which I put in the right hand picture which were supposed to be ones I have bought, was actually a gift from a friend for my birthday last year as we do Art and Photography together (well, used to anyway!) But anyway, the owl charm was the first one I bought almost 3 years ago now. The strawberry was bought in memory of a man who was a third grandad to me who passed away from aggressive cancer which spread, in the last weeks of his life, throughout the whole of his body. He was an avid gardener and grew everything he ate so I wanted to get this as a reminder or him. The bow spacer was because I like bows and the open heart spacer is my most recent purchase as I wanted to get a new charm and I really really liked this one as it was simple yet very pretty.

Since I started collecting Pandora charms I have just wanted more and more, it is definitely an addiction! I do not know yet whether I want any beads or whether I want just charms, but until then I want to get a few more charms. I have my eye on quite a few, for example the new St Basils Cathedral in Russia to commerate my trip in February, a hot air balloon charm which has a bit of colour in it, a ballet slippers charm (obviously, did you guys know it has been 9 months since I have done it!) and a fairytale book to always remember to write my books and stay true to the books I write. 

My Pandora collection means a lot to me, and every charm has a story. Do you have a Pandora collection?

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  1. Aw you have some lovely charms!i kinda wish I had an 18th and 21st charm for my bracelets now!and a graduation cap!you will be able to cherish those forever:)


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