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PRODUCT REVIEW | Revlon ColourStay Foundation

Recently I have been finding it difficult to find a foundation that is right. Having used a cheap one for so long and it doing such damage to my skin I changed between a few for a while and finally settled on the NYC one. But it was still too dark. So I thought I would invest in a slightly more expensive one once I had been paid in the hope that it would be perfect. The reason I bought the Colour Stay instead of the Studio Finish which I initially planned on getting was that they didn't have the lightest shade (go figure!) So I bought this one and honestly I do not regret that decision at all!


"ColorStay™ Makeup provides lightweight comfort, so you feel like you’re not wearing makeup. Looks fresh for up to 16 hours."
They have two versions of the foundation on their website - one for combination/oily skin and one for normal/dry. I got the one for combination/oily skin as this would be the best suited to my needs.

  • Packaging - I thought the packaging was really nice. I know you shouldn't judge a product by its cover, but I do it a lot and I really like it. It is simple and easy to read the writing, but I would comment and say that it is a little heavy for only a 30ml bottle.
  • Colour - This was the thing I was looking for - a foundation that actually matched my skin tone for once! My problem is that although my body is tanned my face always seems paler in comparison and most of the time too pale for me to find a decent drugstore brand that accommodates my paleness. However, after reading reviews of the Revlon brand I thought I would invest in it and although it is not the one I wanted it is perfect. The colour, 110 IVORY, is THE perfect shade for my skin. I usually apply with my fingers rather than a brush and even when I first put it on and started applying I knew it was a 'match made in heaven'! If you are a naturally pale, or just pale in general, person I would recommend this in a heart beat. The range of colour is also very good, for both types of foundation that they offer, so I think it would be easier to find the right shade for you.
  • Availability - I got mine from Superdrug as I was buying things from there anyway, but you can buy it online from Superdrug, Boots, the Revlon website and a whole other variety of places. 
  • Coverage - I look for a medium/full coverage as I have a very uneven skin tone with a lot fo red patches. This was, again, perfect. It covered my skin imperfections, it did wonders for the bags under my eyes and it covered the redness of blemishes well. I usually apply either a Collection liquid concealer or Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse to the problem areas on my skin but when I used this I didn't need to at all. My skin also felt very smooth and very even once I had put it on, and I only needed a light dusting of powder.
  • Wear - It claims on the website 16 hours and on the bottle 24 hours of stay, and I would say, in all honesty, they are about right. Maybe not the 24 but the 16 is pretty accurate. With the job I do I am often running up and down stairs, standing against the window in the sun and I often get quite hot and sweaty. But this foundation stays on very very well, not perfect but better than ANYTHING I have used before. 

  • Money - Obviously this is a big thing for me as I work a lot but don't get paid as well as I would like. However, with all the over time I have done I got paid a little extra and so didn't mind getting the expensive brand. The one I bought was £12.49 and for a founation that is quite pricey (well, considering the ones I have used before have all be roughly under £5!) It is worth the money though, 100% worth it. Yes it is expensive, but unlike a lot of things these days you are not paying through the nose for the brand, with this you are paying for a product that is worth every penny.
  • Application - When I say application I mean that it doesn't come with a pump which does annoy me slightly, £12.49 and they cannot supply a pump? However I am finding that I do not need it as the product comes out the bottle very well and isn't too runny. I am thinking though that once I get towards the middle I will get one!


If I could give this foundation a score out of 10 it would be a solid 12. It is perfect in every possible way. The coverage, the colour, the application, the wear...it is a foundation made by the gods. I honestly would rave about this all day every day if I could. I hope that, even during my student years, I will be able to afford this because I could never go back to the brands I was using before. This is the foundation for me. It is what I need, what I will only ever need and what I have needed for a very long time now! And with prom being tomorrow I couldn't have found it at a better time!

WOULD I RECCOMMEND? 1000000000% yes!
WAS IT WORTH THE MONEY? Again, 1000000000% yes!
WOULD I BUY IT AGAIN? For the rest of my life!

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  1. I love this! Most people don’t even know what skin tone they are… they just assume they are warm in they’re tan and cool if they’re pale, but that’s not true. I actually wrote a blog article that has some great tricks and tips. Check it out and let me know what you think! www.weartostandout.com/blog/dress-for-your-skin-tone
    xoxo, WearToStandOut

    1. I know that I am cool toned as I am paler and have pinky undertones but I have a lot of redness on the surface skin which is why I need a fuller coverage. Your article looks very good! xoxo

  2. I nominated you for a Liebster Award! :)



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