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PRODUCT REVIEW | Samantha Chapman's Real Techniques Brushes

Since I could use the internet I have been a fan of Pixiwoo (check out their YouTube, their tutorials and reviews are amazing!) and since I knew how to use make up in some proper form I have wanted to get the Real Techniques brushes created by one half of Pixiwoo, Sam Chapman. They have always caught my eye when I went out to buy make up and I longingly stared at them when shopping online and it got to the stage a while ago when I thought to myself NO MORE! I DESERVE NICE MAKE UP BRUSHES!

Now, the set I got at Christmas by Fraulein (see THIS post) is incredible and I still use some of the brushes everyday, for example to do my eyebrows or an angled brush for when I apply eye shadow to my eyelid crease, but I decided to get the Real Techniques brushes for everything else. I still want to get the whole collection and I am hoping soon I will be able too!

At the moment, I currently have the:
  • Powder Brush,
  • Blush Brush,
  • Shading Brush,
  • Stippling Brush,
  • Expert Face Brush and
  • Setting Brush. (all below photos are taken from the Real Techniques website, CLICK for a link)

  • DISCLAIMER - I bought all of these with my own money. The blush and shading brush were my most recent and they were on offer in Superdrug (GO NOW AND GET THEM OKAY, BUY ONE GET 2ND HALF PRICE!!!), the stippling brush was my first from Boots, the powder and expert face brush were again from Superdrug on offer but that was a while ago and I actually got the setting brush from eBay as I couldn't find it in any Superdrug or Boots and I really wanted it. I have worked very hard to get the money to get them and as I will explain it is 100000000% worth the investment. HOWEVER only invest when you can because as I now am you will get addicted to buying them and want them all.

    The first thing you notice when you open the wonderful packaging that a Real Techniques brush comes in is how soft each of the brushes are, even the stippling brush which you would expect to have a courser feel and even the expert face brush which is denser than the others. When using them with make up it is like they take on a different persona however. They pick up all products amazingly well, and I mean all! I have used my stippling and expert face brush for both liquid foundations, mousse foundations, pressed and loose powder, blush, bronzer, cream based blush...and they work wonderfully with everything, applying an even tone to all areas of the skin.

    Once I got them, it took me a while to choose what exactly I wanted from each of my brushes, and some of them don't really live up to their names HOWEVER I am no expert in make up but this is what I find the easiest and I use the best brush for the products I use. The powder brush I do use for powder (currently I am using NYC loose powder in Translucent), the blush brush I use for contouring with bronzer (I use a Revlon one but I am not sure of the name as it has rubbed off, sorry!) My shading brush is used currently for applying white under my brow line, in the corner of my eye and if I want to add a slightly darker colour to my crease (for these I am using both MUA palettes). The stippling brush has many uses in my make up routine, sometimes it will be used to applying foundation, sometimes it will be used for blending in concealer or a mousse foundation but at the moment its most common use is blending in my blush and bronzer slightly once applied so that the contrast is not too big between them! (for blush I will either use an MUA cream blusher in shade 1 or MUA pressed blush in shade 2). The expert face brush is currently used to apply my blusher, but it used to be used to applying foundation and in all honesty I do not really have a job for my setting brush at the moment, I am kind of just use it for blending in eyeshadow to create more of a gradient or adding highlighter to my cheek bones. I really wanted it and then couldn't decide what to use it for, how ridiculous of me!

    I LOVE to recommend products to people as I feel I have used every kind of drugstore and some high end products and have made a lot of mistakes when it comes to make up.

    However, if I could recommend an all-time beauty favourite it would be these brushes. The bristles are so so smooth it is like cotton wool on your face, the handles are easy to grip and are seperated into 3 great bright colours, the videos Sam has on the Real Techniques website are just perfect and I can honestly say with my hand on my heart they are worth every penny. Each brush could be used for anything and everything, and if I could take one thing with me to the grave it would be my Real Techniques brush collection (once complete!!) because there is nothing on the market at this price that compares. I have never used MAC brushes as I have heard very mixed reviews, but from people who know their stuff - they would still use Real Techniques over MAC any day...and that says something!

    Sam Chapman, wherever you are in the world, I salute you. You brilliant and superb woman for creating the best make up brushes ever to exist.

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    1. I'm in love with these brushes and have been wanting to get one since I heard all the great reviews for them. My friend recently purchased one and I agree, they are super soft! N x


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