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FAVOURITES | July 2013

I decided last month to start doing favourites posts but unfortunately never got round to it, so thought I would do it for this month (aka the one just gone) and I know we are ten days in now but I just couldn't decide what to put in it! So I thought I would do a little selection of beauty and other things for you in my first favourites post!


So this month I haven't really bought a lot of new beauty items, which upsets me a little because I love buying new make up and trying out new brands and products but hey, can't buy everything (well I tried and now I have like £2 in my bank and £20 in my purse to last me till the end of the month. This is why I like Ben even more JOKES!!)

My Revlon ColourStay foundation has been one of THE best beauty finds I have ever had. It matches my skin tone perfectly, it has amazing coverage and is the right consistency that it can be applied with a sponge, beauty blender, brush or fingers (I personally use fingers and then blend it in around the edges with my Real Techniques Stippling Brush). If you buy one thing that is a high end beauty product make it the Revlon ColourStay foundation - I am NEVER going back to a drugstore product!

This Batiste dry shampoo is a god send. It stays in my weekender bag for when I go to Ben's. It is perfect and really does lighten up your hair on the days when it doesn't look too great. It is great for festivals or holidays abroad (or in a caravan if that is what you do!) This one has probably lasted me a good four or five months now, and it is only half gone! You only need the smallest bit, style your hair and done! It is only a few pound too, so you don't break the bank!

This was given to me for my birthday in April by a friend from the IB as she works in Boots. As soon as I saw she had gotten me a selection of Soap and Glory products I just died with happiness, and to get the body mist too...I was in heaven! This. Smells. In. Cred. Ible. It last forever and you only need a little bit at the start of your day! It is floral but fruity and sweet and doesn't sting the nostrils like some mists do. There are honestly no words for the Soap and Glory masterpiece and it is a must have come this summer as the scent really works in well with the patterns and colours that are coming back into fashion!

If, like me, you are an avid magazine reader, you will know that every 3/4 months you get a free gift with the issue. This time it was some of the balanceMe collection and I was very happy! I had seen a few reviews on YouTube and Blogger about the collection and thought it would be worth having a look, and then when I saw it came with Glamour I was even happier! I chose to get the lip salve as I prefer that to lotions for the hands etc. And I am very happy I did. This stuff smells incredible, it keeps your lips moisturized for hours and in my opinion it adds a little but of 'plump' to them too! The tint isn't strong at all, so it just accentuates your lips natural colour and it is easily applied, whether with a finger or with the plastic tube at the end. If you can still get your hands on this I would recommend it, if not buy it online now!

I love the Boots own Natural Collection collection. Their body sprays, shower gels, moisturisers just smell and are incredible! One product I always always go back to and have been loving so much this month is the Vanilla body spray. This is my all-time favourite body spray and I will buy it till I die. When and if it comes on offer I am definitely stocking up and getting some points! The scent stays for ages and it is just a very classy smell.

As you guys probably know from my previous post, I am in love with my Real Techniques brushes. End of. They are my favourite in July, June and ever since I got my first brush.

This is the ultimate drugstore palette for a neutral eye or eyebrows. As you can probably tell it has been used a lot and I wish I could use it more. This is the second palette I have had and I did actually buy this second one last month because I loved it so much and I honestly think it has the same colours and quality as an Urban Decay or Mac one. 

Obviously like most people there have been things this month that I have loved that haven't been beauty related (I know I know sounds crazy for me right!) But there are always going to be things that you really really like during the month that you just think, gosh I want to tell someone about that! So here is me telling you about them!

Even when I one day move on from working at Clintons and getting a 40% discount on these I will always love Yankee Candles. Last month (as people who follow me on IG will know) we had a sale on that was 3 for 2 on gifts, which luckily included Yankee Candles. The fragrance of the month was Summer Scoop so that was 25% off anyway, so I bought 9 candles,  of which were Summer Scoop. I then got a 20% sale discount on top of that so I bought 9 candles, originally priced at £1.80 each, for about £8.50 instead of what they would be which is about £18/£19. They smell incredible and last forever and I love having a variety of scents for each season. For this summer, I have got Summer Scoop, Vanilla Cupcake, Lake Sunset, Black Cherry and Fluffy Towels as I feel they are just light and summery fragrances for the months ahead. If you know somewhere near you that sells these, or if you have an Amazon account, get them, you will not regret it. will when you become addicted like me!

My Avon Advance Techniques Paddle Brush is a major life saver when it comes to my hair. My hair does not like to stay unknotted. It will not even if I pat towel dry it after a shower - it is crazy! However this beauty has helped a major tonne in de-knotting my hair and helping me get it in some sort of healthy order again. I believe Boots, Superdrug and places like Primark do these too, but if you can get your handles on an Avon one or a higher end one then I recommend it!

I have always been a fan of Jodi Picoult after I read the very famous 'My Sisters Keeper' about 6 years ago. I fell in love with her style of writing as it was so different to anything I had read before. I now own all of her books, including 'Songs of the Humpback Whale' and 'Sing You Home' but for some reason I will always come back to this one. It strikes a chord with me due to the nature of the content. I won't go into detail but it is about bullying, sacrifice and trying to come to terms with the fact that you might not know your own son/daughter. This book moves me to tears every time I read it even though I know what is coming. It is perfectly written with Jodi's unique writing style throughout, and although it is not a light read it is one of the best books I have ever read (and I have read a wee few!) This book gives me a sense of hope, that no matter how tough my life got I never resorted to anything like this and that I hope anyone who has or may feel like this is the way out that they read this book and realise that maybe this kind of revenge isn't the best. Work hard, aim high and that is the best revenge you can have. This book will be an all-time favourite of mine but seeing as I re-read it last month I thought I would include it in this post.

AND of course, my FAVOURITE thing of July was my new tattoo! For those who haven't seen it is the outline of an anchor on my right arm in the same position as my wishbone. Don't panic, I plan on doing a blog post soon about my tattoo experience and the ones I plan on getting next!

I hope you have enjoyed this post, I hope next month's post about August will be a little more interesting as I have got quite a few new things this month so we shall see!

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