Sunday, 4 August 2013

HAUL | Shopping in Poole with Ben

Hello lovelies! So as a lot of you will know I recently went shopping with Ben and got so spoiled it was crazy! He was buying me everything I wanted, even when I told him I didn't mind waiting till I had the money myself, he was buying lunch and our train tickets and I have discovered how much of a material girl I really am! I thought I would do a haul post as I haven't really done one before and I know it is one of the most popular posts to read and watch on YouTube!

My parents used to buy me watches all the time when I was younger, ones from Avon and Next and even one from Peacocks, but I never wore them because I had very fat wrists and I hated having something there whilst I was writing. Now that I wear a lot more jewelry and I have my staple jewelry items like my Pandora ring and bracelet and my Thomas Sabo bracelet I thought it was time to get a watch (plus I had seen a few on Michael Kors and ASOS that I had fallen in love with but couldn't afford!) I saw this in New Look and was torn between this one and an all rose gold one but decided on this one as I thought it would go more with what I wear. I have worn it every day since I got it and people have asked me at work over the last few days where I got it so that is a real compliment! Maybe I will get addicted to buying watches just like I am addicted to buying bags...hmmm....

Recently I have been loving rings that sit just under or above the knuckles and having slightly larger fingers it is hard for me to find rings that sit like that (plus I am not a big gold jewelry wearer) however when Ben and I went into New Look to have a look at watches I saw these and fell in love! The combination of silver, rustic silver, gold and rustic gold is really nice, plus having the black accents makes them wearable with anything! I cannot wait to start wearing these with my Pandora ring and my other simple ring (which was given to me probably 6/7 years ago by my sister and it still hasn't faded so I NOW presume that it is sterling silver haha! Plus I am more aware of jewelry and such now so I can make a good guess on that)

If you have seen my IG recently you will know I have bought quite a few Barry M nail varnishes recently and if you know me and read my blog you will know I love a good sale or offer and currently Barry M nail varnishes are 3 for I bought some more! Recently I have bought the Blueberry and Sour Apple Confetti and the Pale Green Gelly varnish and I wanted something a little different this time. Obviously one can NEVER have too many pink nail varnishes so I bought the limited edition on, the new pink confetti varnish and the green limited edition one, as I only have 2 greens and this one is more neon than the other two I have so it will be great when the warmer weather comes around again and I go on holiday!

I will be doing a blogpost soon hopefully on the Barry M confetti nail varnishes as I currently have 3 and I plan on purchasing the rest soon while the Barry M offer is still on!

I decided to get a new makeup as I have two main ones which I use, but one is too big (a purple crocodile patterned Gok Wan one) and the other is too small (a pale pink quilted Primark one with a black bow on the front). This one is THE perfect size and is so cute! It is a beige/cream colour with hearts cut out and a pink liner so the hearts look pink and it is just adorable and the right size and urgh I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it!

This is going to be the bag I use when I go to stay at Ben's as it is HUGGGGE! It is a weekender bag with black and studded accents on the front and back. It has a zip pocket on the inside and two smaller pockets on the other side. I can easily fit my laptop and the clothes and beauty products I need for a few days at his in here so it is perfect!

This is my new every day bag and it is the perfect size for everything I need! It has a zip pocket on one side of the middle and two smaller pockets on the other and it is very spacious inside! Being beige with black accents will make this bag one that can be used all year round!

Please excuse the awkward pose but I couldn't get a good angle to show off how amazing this dress is! It has lace panels down the front with two cut out sides and sectioned off with black material - I cannot wait to wear this on a night out!

 He also got me a skirt which is currently in the wash so I cannot photograph it and we got matching Superhero onesies (check out my IG for that pic!) He totally spoilt me more than I deserved and he said it doesn't stop there so I am excited but nervous! Also, for the record, if you buy one product this summer PLEASE let it be the Alberto Balsam Strawberries and Cream shampoo and conditioner because it is the most heavenly smelling shampoo and conditioner I have EVER used! Superdrug currently have Alberto Balsam on 4 for £3 (RRP per product is 99p so you are making a saving!) so that is why I got 4 but honestly, do you remember those small red and white sweets that we used to have when we were younger? I think they were done by Chuppa Chubb but anyway - the shampoo and conditioner smell EXACTLY like those sweets and I catch myself sniffing my hair sometimes because it smells so good!

I hope you guys have enjoyed this haul post, and I hope to have a July Favourites post up some time this coming week as that will be something new too!

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