Sunday, 18 August 2013


Hey guys, so I have kind of kept this under wraps because I am not sure still on how I feel about it but tomorrow I leave for Butlins, Minehead for a week. We used to go to Butlins every year when I was a kid, but the last time we went was in 2006, when my mum was heavily pregnant with Toby. I was 11 at the time, so I did everything kid related. I went to discos, I did kid's archery, I went to Red Coat dancing get the idea. This time, I am 18 so I am a little apprehensive as to what it will be like, it will definitely be a whole different experience and atmosphere to when I was little and I will probably drink quite a lot whilst I am away.

Obviously I won't be taking my laptop as there is only 15 minutes free wifi a day and I hope hope hope there is signal so I can text and call and such, but I won't be able to blog for a week! So this is me letting you know that I won't be posting for a while! I am going to be taking lots of pictures (I told Ben I was going to find the fittest Red Coats and get pictures with them as a joke haha!) and so I will do a post about it all when I get back.

In the mean time, I will be posting on Twitter, Instagram and probably Facebook so go and add me, follow me and check them out so you can keep up to date with what is happening. Other than that, have a good week guys and I will blog you soon!

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