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ME | My tattooing experience!

Hello my lovelies! So one of my most viewed posts has always been the one I did about what tattoos I wanted to get in the future, and obviously since posting that I have gotten two and am booking my third this week! I just thought I would do this little post to show you my tattoos and tell you about my experience and such!

But first, a little announcement! If you follow me on IG you will already know BUT...

My little blog reached over 9,000 views today and I am so so happy and grateful to each and every one of you for looking or glancing or reading my blog, it really does mean a great deal to me because I work so hard on it! So thank you, and I will keep aiming higher, bring on 10k!

So onto my tattoos! The previous post I wrote is here (please bear in mind it was written almost a year ago, before I really found my 'blogging niche'!!), and since then my opinion has changed some what. These are the two tattoos I have now, and the next one I plan on getting is 'niente accade per caso' along my right thigh, across my scars, which is 'nothing happens by chance' in Italian. I thought now, more than ever considering everything that has happened with sixth form and university that it appropriate for me to get it, and the positioning was important to me too. 


Both tattoos are the same height and width and are positioned almost exactly on each arm. The wishbone is on my left and the anchor is on my right and both mean different things. Contrary to my mother and my family's belief, I did not get the anchor for my dad and his service in the Navy, although he was in for roughly 20 years. The wishbone is to remind me of my dreams and hopes in life and the anchor is for safety and stability, all needed for me to carry on my life and not regress back. 

I went to a little studio called On The Line Tattoos in the Colwell Centre, Weymouth (heres their Facebook page) The guy was so so lovely, and he was the one who did both of these and who is doing my script too. He was really friendly and made sure I was okay and kept chatting to me, and he was also really understanding when I asked whether you could tattoo over self harm scars. I did have to show him but he said no it was perfectly fine to tattoo over them and he couldn't wait to do it because script is his favourite thing! Both tattoos cost me £30 and I have no desire to have them shaded or coloured in, I like them plain and simple as an outline.

I cannot wait to get more tattoos done and hopefully I will continue to use OTL as they are really friendly, a decent price for a good service and I am very very happy with the results of the both of these.

If you guys have any questions regarding my tattoos or the ones I want then don't hesitate to ask me by Tweeting me, IGing me or emailing me! All the links are on the left!

NOTE - Please remember that tattoos are not for every body and that some people do not like them (all of my family for example) however if you have your mind set on one then do not let it stop you (in my opinion) just be 100000% sure it is what you want to have inked on your skin for the rest of your life. All the tattoos I want to get mean something to me in some way and for me that is important. Some people are different. Find what is right for you and make sure it is what you want! Do not let stereotypes and such cloud your judgement. I personally love bodmods like tattoos and I have wanted tattoos for a long time, much to my parents, grandparents, aunties, uncles etc dismay. However I knew what I wanted and once I had explained it to my mum she saw where I was coming from. At the end of the day I am 18 now and it is my body, my money and my choice. Let it be the same for you. Do not go to someone you don't trust, do not get it done underage and please please please do not regret it. Tattoos are for life (yes I know there is laser removal but do you REALLY want to go through that pain and cost?!)

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