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HAIR | My blonde hair care routine and tips for dying hair

As a lot of you will know, I seem to change between blonde and brunette hair very often, probably every six months or so. Whenever I do change to blonde, I always make sure I have the right tools of the trade to be able to keep my hair in a some what 'good' condition at a relatively low price! When I stocked up this time, before I quit my job, there was a 3 for 2 offer on in Boots, and I believe it still is, across all hair care products, excluding (unfortunately) the hair dye itself. And you guys KNOW how much I love a good bargain or sale!! For that reason, I got something as well this time round that I have wanted to get for a long time and that will really really benefit my hair more than anything before!

As you know, I have been using the Alberto Balsam range a lot at the moment, and recently I changed my routine slightly so that I would use the shampoo and conditioner, but I would also use the Tresemme Colour Protect conditioner as well, as I feel that the Tresemme leaves slightly more of a shine to the hair! Now that I have my 'blonde products' I am going to have to rethink my entire routine...again! However, I think this is always important, to change things every now and again, so that you can give you hair a different look or feel with different products and different routines!

So! I always purchase the Pro:Voke Purple shampoo and conditioner. They smell and look incredible BUT BE WARNED - DO NOT USE THESE IN THE BATH AS YOU WILL BE WASHING YOU HAIR AND SUDDENLY REALISE THAT YOUR BATH WATER IS PURPLE AND PANIC AND THEN LAUGH AT YOURSELF FOR BEING STUPID. Yes, this has happened to me...several times...every time I go blonde. Ooops! What can I say, its a blonde thing! (and I can say that because I was actually born blonde!)

That is what the shampoo and conditioner look like, the shampoo was £3.09 and the conditioner was £2.09. Now, do not be alarmed when you squeeze the shampoo into your hand and this deep purple mess runs onto your hands, it's fine, it's supposed to look like that! It is a lovely colour though once it is lathered in! I usually wash the shampoo in, leave it for a minute and then wash it out again. With the conditioner I usually leave it in for a couple of minutes. I feel if you leave the conditioner in a little longer it really does add a shine and a healthy feel to your hair.

I also bought the Lee Stafford Arganoil which I have wanted for absolutely ages! I have been searching for an oil based hair product to help me with the quality of my hair, as it isn't usually the best! I came across this one and people just raved about it! So I thought that I would get it, but up until now I haven't been able to afford it...and as it was included in the offer I thought why the heck not!

This product has just been my absolute life saver recently! Where I have dyed my hair a few times in a short space of time (WHICH I DO NOT RECOMMEND AT ALL, I WILL EXPLAIN WHY I DID IT IN A MOMENT) it has really helped with the quality, the healthiness, the shine...just everything! I have been using this in between my two Pro:Voke products as I feel like this is a good place to use it! All three of these products and scented but not over whelmingly so, so some times I will use an Alberto conditioner afterwards just to get the goregous fruit smell onto my hair that you can get from the Alberto range.

Now, onto the dying part! When I have gone blonde before I have always use Schwartzkopf XXL in either Ice Blonde or Platinum I think it is. I will be doing a review on this product some time soon as I have a lot to say about it, HOWEVER this time when I dyed my hair I thought that because I didn't want to go bright blonde I would use a different product. And so I used the John Frieda foam range (again, I will probably do a review on this as, again, I have a lot to say about it!) and it just did nothing to my hair. Whether that was because my hair was quite a dark brunette and the colour dye wasn't light enough, or whether my dyed hair just didn't want to pick up the Frieda pigments...I don't know. It just didn't work on any of my hair except my roots. I foolishly tried dying my hair twice, one day after another, with the Frieda and it still did nothing so I left it for 2 days and I just thought I need to sort this out as I have ginger roots and a dodgy light brunettey/blondey/crappy colour hair! If I got called for an interview I would not be at all happy going in looking like I did! So I knew I needed to sort it out!

AT THIS POINT I WISH TO SAY THIS! What I do with my hair is my decision. End of. I am simply writing here what I have done with my hair. I do NOT recommend that you dye your hair 4 times in the space of 5 days with peroxide and bleach. If it is your first time dying your will kill it. If it isn't your first time dying your will kill it. I would not have wanted to go blonde again if I didn't think my hair could handle it and it was in a bad quality place.

So today I bought 2 boxes of the XXL (currently on offer in Boots for £5 each or on selected ones 2 for £9! I really DO love a good offer!) Having applied that and used my purple shampoo and my oil based shampoo I am currently sat in bed with a towel on my head. I will wait and see and post what it looks like tomorrow once it is dry and styled! It looks promising though!


  • Always follow the instructions. Do not think just because you have dyed your hair before that you know everything. Always always always follow them just in case you do something wrong.
  • Do not leave the hair dye on for longer than stated. That time limit is stated for a reason (trust me, I left blonde in once for an hour instead of 30 minutes...I was neon ginger for months!)
  • Never blow dry your hair after washing and conditioning your hair after dying (that makes sense...right?) You have just applied bleach or peroxide or some seriously harmful chemicals to your hair and scalp. Applying that amount of heat to it will not help your hair condition in ANY way! I know you want to see the finished patient!
  • If you are unsure of ANYTHING stop, rinse it off, and go and see a qualified hair dresser. Do not carry on and do something wrong, that will just end badly!
  • Try to use colour protect shampoo. I recommend Tresemme as I know this works! Even permenant hair dye will fade, but I have found using the Tresem Colour Protect range that the fade stays away for that little bit longer!
  • If you can, when you do use heat products on your hair, use a heat protect spray. This will just protect the quality of your hair.
  • Always dye on two day old hair. The natural chemicals in your hair get stripped away when you wash it, so you need to wait for them to come back before you dye it.
  • You will notice that your hair will take a while to get back to good quality, even if you are using really good products, and you may also find that your hair is 'malting'. This is normal for a lot of people, myself especially. It will pass. My advice is don't tie your hair up as much, because when you let it down you are pulling your hair so a lot will probably come out. Just go with it, it will pass, honestly!
  • Hair dying is a fun thing, so enjoy it in a safe manner! I wish I could have extreme colours, like white or bright pink (god I would LOVE white hair but my roots would give me away!!) but because of my old job I never could. One day I might do it, but just be careful. If you have a job and you want to dye your hair a more extreme colour, ask about your companies hair colour policy, all good companies should have one!
Trust me, I have made probably all the hair care mistakes someone of my age could make. I even had a perm. Yeah. I did. My friends never let me live it down! But just know your limits, if something doesn't feel or look right it probably isn't and if you need help then ask someone! Hair dying should be fun, so enjoy it!

If you guys have any questions on my blonde hair care routine or want any other tips or pointers for hair dying then just email me using the address to the left!




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